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How To Beat Queen Bee in Lords Mobile

Queen Bee in Lords Mobile is brutal!
lords mobile is bussin!
bring it on!

Beating (capturing) Queen Bee in Lords Mobile may seem intimidating, but it’s not as tough as you may first think. She is one of the most essential heroes in the game, and she has a lot to offer when added to your lineup. But first you need to make sure you are prepared to take her on.

If you follow this guide, you can beat her with very little effort. Just remember, planning is everything. While different heroes and different hero combinations are necessary, we can cut through the red tape for you.

Lords Basics For the Bee

A simple thing to remind yourself throughout this battle is you need to lean far more into the physical attacks rather than the magic. Hit hard and hit fast, but use brute force and you can chip away pretty consistently. Just don’t give Queen a chance to catch her breath. That is key to survival.

Having the right lineup of heroes is key to, and we have you covered there, too.

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Best Heroes To Beat Queen Bee:

  • Black Crow
  • Tracker
  • Trickster
  • Demon Slayer
  • Scarlet Bolt

One thing to remember is only choose this lineup if you have all the above heroes are mostly equal strength. If not, prioritize your strongest heroes for your team.

Queen Bee Materials:

  • Bee Chrysalis
  • Buzzing Husk
  • Queen Venom
  • Royal Stinger

There is some good stuff buried in there.

Queen Bee Stats

DMG Type: Magic

Strong Against: High MDEF

Weak Against: If provoked, the Queen Bee will jab the first target she sees. This matriarch also summons a horde of buzzing bees to drive off invaders. Bring her down with Physical Attacks before you get overwhelmed. Strike fast and strike hard.

Queen Bee Rewards

  • Queen Venom (rare)
  • Bee Chrysalis
  • Buzzing Husk
  • Royal Stinger
  • Shields
  • Gems
  • Speed-ups
  • Hero Chest

Queen Bee Drops

  • Bumblehelm (Helmet) at Mythic is Cav ATK 42%, Range ATK 42%, and Army Max HP 28%.
  • Nectar Orb (Main Hand) at mythic is Cav ATK 35%, Range ATK 35%, Cav DEF 14%, and Range Max HP 14%.
  • Hardened Carapace (armor) at Mythic is Cav ATK 35%, Range ATK 35%, and Army DEF 14%.
  • Honeycomb Chaps (Legs) at Mythic is Cav ATK 16.8%, Range ATK 16.8% and Range DEF 7%.

That kind of loot makes it all worth it. You don’t need to be a Lords Mobile stan to see that her drops are pretty remarkable and well worth the effort you need to put in to beat her.

Just follow the above guide and you will add this hero to your growing lineup in no time.

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