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Best Heroes for Darknest in Lords Mobile

Looking for the best heroes to defeat a Darknest? We’ve got you covered
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For those who are new to Lords Mobile, a Darknest is a computer-generated enemy castle that appears in various kingdoms spread throughout the game. Defeating said castle is a fantastic way to earn yourself special items, including a Dark Essence. Which is a unique reward that can then be converted into additional prizes.

However, destroying a Darknest requires quite a bit of skill. Not only do you need to be strong enough to lead an attack but you also need to know which heroes are best to use. So, in this guide, we’re going to break down some of the best heroes for Darknest in Lords Mobile.

Best Heroes for Darknest in Lords Mobile

Similar to how your castle has five heroes on the wall, Darknest castles also have heroes on their wall as well. This is important to pay attention to because it will help you determine which formation or lineup should be used before initiating your attack. It’s also important to note that you can only send 4 heroes with the same skill set.

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Here are the 10 best heroes for Darknest in Lords Mobile:

RankHeroTypeClassMovementBattle SkillsHero Skills
1Rose KnightCavalryStrengthRunning– Paladin’s Glory
– Timber Supply Management
– Cavalry HP Boost
– Army ATK Boost
– Shield Throw (Ultimate)
– Prayer (First Active)
– Justice Call (Second Active)
– Roseheart (Passive)
2TricksterRangedAgilityRunning– Psycho Blast
– Research Boost
– Max Energy Boost
– Energy Regeneration
– Liar’s Sermon (Ultimate)
– Tampered Arrow (First Active)
– Mud Ball (Second Active)
– Getaway (Passive)
3Storm FoxCavalryIntelligenceRunning– Full Bloom
– Training Dummy
– Battle Song
– Army ATK Boost
– Higasa Odori (Ultimate)
– Cloudburst (First Active)
– Sakura Storm (Second Active)
– Fox Fire (Passive)
4Lore WeaverCavalryIntelligenceRunning– Freedom’s Flourish
– Battle Song
– Impenetrable Defense
– Army ATK Boost
– Phantom Castle (Ultimate)
– Spirit Hammer (First Active)
– Requiem of Rebirth (Second Active)
– Final Gift (Triggered)
5Bombin’ GoblinRangedIntelligenceRolling– Meteor
– Trap Durability Boost
– Trap ATK Boost
– Army ATK Boost
– Chain Reaction (Ultimate)
– Big Ol’ Bomb (First Active)
– Explosive Gift (Second Active)
– Last Burst (Triggered)
6Prima DonnaSiege EngineIntelligenceFlying– Death’s Melody
– Siege Engine HP Boost
– Siege Engine DEF Boost
– Siege Engine ATK Boost
– Athena’s Anthem (Ultimate)
– Sonic Howl (First Active)
– Arcane Aria (Second Active)
– Flower Power (Passive)
7Demon SlayerInfantryAgilityRunning– Shadow Strike
– Infantry HP Boost
– Trap ATK Boost
– Infantry ATK Boost
– Wilting Spiral (Ultimate)
– Silent Ambush (First Active)
– Mystic Seal (Second Active)
– Dark Imprint (Passive)
8TrackerRangedAgilityRunning– Silent Kill
– Ore Supply Management
– Ranged DEF Boost
– Ranged ATK Boost
– Fatal Shot (Ultimate)
– Arrow Storm (First Active)
– Curved Shot (Second Active)
– Outrage (Passive)
9Grove GuardianRangedStrengthRiding– Forest Fiesta
– Ranged HP Boost
– Ranged DEF Boost
– Ranged ATK Boost
– Jam Factory (Ultimate)
– Nut Shot (First Active)
– Poison Paradise (Second Active)
– Feel the Burn (Passive)
10Dream WitchRangedIntelligenceFloating– Sacred Luster
– Training Dummy
– Battle Song
– Army ATK Boost
– Mind Blast (Ultimate)
– Reverie (First Active)
– Nightmare (Second Active)
– Mind Whisper (Passive)

That’s everything you need to know regarding the best heroes for Darknest in Lords Mobile. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other Lords Mobile content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to beat Necrosis or how to beat Arctic Flipper in Lords Mobile.

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