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How to Beat Every Enemy Type in Escape From The Red Planet

Get acquainted with your enemy!
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Escape From The Red Planet is a resource management tower defense game that will have you blasting away waves and waves of progressively dangerous martians. Before you even try to defend yourself from the masses of insectoid creatures, you’ll want to know how to tackle each and every one of them. Here’s how to defeat every enemy type in Escape From The Red Planet.

Every enemy in Escape From The Red Planet and how to beat them

There is quite a roster of enemies in Escape From The Red Planet for you to look out for. If you want to survive, you’ll need to get acquainted to them all. These enemies are better identified as the colour that they appear on your radar, but I have provided some crude ‘names’ for them as well.

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Regular Martians in Escape From The Red Planet

Below are all of the regular martians that you’ll be defeating in the hundreds.

Light Green Ground Martian

barricade in Escape From The Red Planet
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The most regular and basic martian that you’ll be facing. With your blaster, they’ll take 8 shots before dying. They have a low speed and typically are only there to bolster a lane, to keep you on your toes. For the most part, you should be able to take them all out with your blaster before they are a problem, but if you get swarmed, then Barricades or the regular Blaster Tower will be more than enough to deal with them.

Blue Rapid Martian

rapid martian escape from the red planet
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These pesky martians are the fastest of them all, and they can quickly become a problem. Taking 11 shots to take down, you’ll have to quickly divert your attention to shoot them down before they catch up with you. If there are a few on the attack, then setting up Barricades or a simple Blaster Tower will deal with them. Explosives Barricades could provide a great last resort to get rid of one getting too close. Make sure to prepare yourself for madness when you see them about to come up on the radar.

Dark Green Tank Martian

tank escape from the red planet
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These guys are tough. They are slow, but can be a serious problem, as your blaster will need to unload two whole magazines and some to defeat them. For this reason, you will need to set up either two Blaster Towers, or even use a Mega Turret Tower or Big Time Tower to get rid of them. To get rid of one quickly, I would recommend building a Blaster Tower and then unloading a whole magazine on them. That way, only one Blaster Tower is needed to defeat one, so you’re not spending too much solar power defending against these guys.

Light Blue Flying Martian

flying escape from the red planet
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The only martians to fly in the game, you’ll need a special strategy for these ones. It only takes 6 blaster shots to defeat them, but their speed and numbers could mean you need assistance. Using Turbines and Aerial Towers are fantastic ways to prevent them from being a problem. For the most part though, you can get away with quickly shooting them out of the sky as long as you respond to them in a fast manner. Make sure to save up some solar power when you see them coming in hot on the radar!

Yellow Swarm Martian

swarm escape from the red planet
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These guys will prove to be a real pain later in the campaign. Coming in large swarms, these pests will require the Bomb Tower to take out their whole clump. They only take 3 blaster shots, but their numbers make it impractical to shoot them down. Be very careful with these guys and make sure to not let your more powerful towers be wasted on killing these pests. Stick to Bomb Towers, and shoot any stragglers yourself. If you are efficient, you may be able to wipe out a lane of Swarm Martians yourself, saving you the solar power.

Purple Force Field Martian

escape from the red planet Big Time Turret
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You’re in for a bad time with these martians. Their force field makes them invulnerable to your attacks. They are still susceptible to towers, however, so you’ll need a strong solar economy to build up towers in time. The only thing you can do is construct Big Time Towers and Mega Turret Towers to deal with them. Due to their coverage, Big Time Towers would be recommended. Their slow speed does allow you to take your time a little, so you can save up for more expensive towers. Don’t build weaker towers spur of the moment, it’ll cost you more in the long run!

Light Purple Spawner Martian

escape from the red planet spawner
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Slightly hovering above the ground, these spawner martians will keep spawning swarm martians, making them insufferable. The best defense strategy against these guys is constructing Bomb Towers and taking out the spawner yourself. They can withstand two full magazine dumps before they fall. As long as your Bomb Towers are dealing with the swarm martians, you should be fine to simply shoot off the spawners. You could spawn Big Time Towers or Mega Turret Towers to help, but your solar energy should be prioritized to go towards the Bomb Towers.

Boss Martians in Escape From The Red Planet

Below are the boss martians in Escape From The Red Planet, these guys will require a lot of firepower to take down!

Ground Boss Martian

ground boss escape from the red planet
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In level 10, you’ll be greeted by the Ground Boss Martian. Huge and tough, this boss will take a lot of damage. At that stage all you can do is repetitively place Blaster Towers to whittle its health down. Build up a strong solar power economy to keep placing Blaster Towers to fight it, don’t even bother shooting it with your blaster. With the other martians, shoot them yourself and try not to waste solar energy dealing with them. With enough Blaster towers, it’ll be dead soon enough.

Flying Boss Martian

flying boss escape from the red planet
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In level 16, you will be visited by the Flying Boss Martian. This boss will test your skills, but there is in fact a very easy way to deal with him. Firstly set up a good economy of at least three solar power upgrades. Then, place Wind Turbines in lanes as Flying Martians appear, including the boss. This will buy you a lot of time. Then, simply keep placing Aerial Towers to whittle away at the bosses health whilst you defeat the other Flying Martians yourself. For the Swarm Martians, spare the solar power for Bomb Turrets before they reach your base. With the WInd Turbines, you’ll be bought extra time to deal with the Flying Martians.

Force Field Boss Martian

shield boss escape from the red planet
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This guy may look intimidating, but good old fashioned solar power management will put it in its place. You will be harassed by Swarm Martians and Force Field Martians in this level, level 21, but a neat trick will make it a lot easier. Get four solar power upgrades as quick as you can and then start placing Big Time Towers, nothing else. For the Swarm Martians, take them down with your blaster, there aren’t so many of them. Exclusively place Big Time Towers and you’ll be destroying all of the Force Field Martians and, eventually, the boss.

Spawner Boss Martian

spawner boss escape from the red planet
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Level 24 is quite a handful. You’ll be harassed by all sorts. The key is to upgrade your solar power as soon as you get a break from the enemies, you can’t do it at the beginning like usual. The Spawner Boss Martian will constantly throw Swarm Martians at you, so you will need to be placing Bomb Turrets in both lanes adjacent to the lane that the Spawner Boss Martian is careening down. In that lane place either Big Time Towers or Mega Turret Towers. That way, the Bomb Towers on the adjacent lanes will be doing some serious crowd control, and your tower in the middle will be fighting off the boss. Use your blaster to weaken other Spawner Martians to spend less solar power of destroying them.

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