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How to Beat The Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans

It's time to crush this event!
clash of clans
Image via Supercell

The blockbuster mobile strategy game made by Supercell, Clash of Clans, is still going strong after over a decade. In this game, players can form guilds known as “clans” and work together to defeat others in their quest for glory and gold. Resources are used to upgrade your village’s defenses and the troops in your army, helping you take on tougher foes. The game is very family friendly and colorful, serving to put any who play it in a good mood.

Recently, the developers of the game released a new challenge known as the Beast King Challenge. In this event, players will need to take on a base made by a content creator named Lexnos. Winning this challenge gives you a Builder Potion, speeding up your village’s upgrades by 10X for one hour, and 400 experience points.

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Obtaining Victory in the Beast King Challenge

Clash of Clans Beast King Challenge
Image via Supercell

This challenge is actually relatively easy to three-star (completely annihilate) with the right tactics and strategy. By staying focused, taking your time and copying the following instructions to the letter, you can win without much effort!

The Initial Attack

Here are some steps to winning the first part of your attack. Make sure to take it slow and not rush in your offensive effort!

  • Firstly, you will want to make sure that your Grand Warden is set to ground mode (so that it will walk and not fly)!
  • Next, use one sneaky goblin to the left and one to the right of the base, so that they set off all existing traps and keep your important troops safe.
  • After that, use three skeleton spells on the X-Bow in the middle of the base, then two on the Inferno Towers and lastly one on the Builder Huts.
  • After the skeletons from your spells destroy the Clan Castle, place your Sneaky Goblins on the left.
  • All five remaining Sneaky Goblins should be used in this maneuver, you want them rushing for the Town Hall.
  • Use an invisibility spell to keep your Sneaky Goblins safe and let them do their work. The Town Hall should crumble in no time!

After the Town Hall

Now that you have taken one star, it’s time to get the other two. Continue reading to finish the challenge off strong!

  • Deploy your Battle Drill on the 3 o’clock corner of the base (the right side), and target it towards the multi-Inferno Tower.
  • Drop your Barbarian King and electro titan on this same side after, alongside two more skeleton spells (one in front of each monolith).
  • You can then send in your Royal Champion to help them fight.
  • As the Barbarian King approaches the dark elixir storages, activate his ability to mop up those buildings quickly.
  • Let your barbarians (spawned by the BK’s ability) and your skeletons destroy the monoliths and make your other troops have a much easier job.

Taking Down the Heroes and Cleaning Up

Now that the majority of the base’s threats are down, it’s time to knock out the enemy’s unsuspecting heroes. After that, you will have to take out the rest of the buildings scattered around the base.

  • Use your Headhunter efficiently by dropping her on the right-hand side, and watch as she takes on the enemy Heroes. Use a skeleton spell to help out in the fight as well.
  • You should hold on to your invisibility spells as they are very important, and use them when necessary to keep your troops alive. Your Heroes are especially crucial and must be protected.
  • Use your final skeleton spell in front of the last single target Inferno Towers (if any are standing) as these will quickly take down the fearsome defenses.
  • After this, there should be very few defending buildings left standing, and you should have some troops left alive to clean up the base. Congratulations on your three-star attack!

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