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How to Awaken Fruit in Blox Fruits

How to Awaken Fruit in Blox Fruits

In the mythos of One Piece, the users of powers bestowed by Devil Fruits are known to undergo “awakenings,” moments where they gain incredible insight into how their powers work, and in turn become able to use them in incredible, often dangerous, new ways. The precise mechanics of an awakening in One Piece proper still aren’t well understood, but thankfully, Blox Fruits has found a way to boil it down into an achievable gameplay objective. Here’s how to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits.

If you participate in a Raid, a gameplay mode that’s been in Blox Fruits since its 11th version, you’re awarded a special currency called Fragments when the Raid is finished. You can earn anywhere from 250 to 1,000 Fragments per Raid, depending on how well you do. Raids are only available to players at least Level 1,100, and you need to buy a Raid Chip from the Mysterious Scientist for 100,000 Beli. 

How to Awaken Fruit in Blox Fruits

There are only ten Fruits that can be awakened:

  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Quake
  • Dark
  • Light
  • String
  • Rumble
  • Magma
  • Buddha
  • Sand

Each of these Fruits has its own corresponding Raid, and once you finish a Fruit’s Raid, you’ll meet with a mysterious individual who will awaken your Fruit’s abilities in exchange for Fragments. Each ability requires a different number of Fragments to fully upgrade, but in general, most Fruits will require at least 14,500 Fragments to fully upgrade.

Here are the Fragments you’ll need to upgrade each Fruit:

Flame: 14,500 Fragments in total

  • Burning Blast: 500 Fragments
  • Prominence Burst: 3,000 Fragments
  • Flaming Vortex: 4,000 Fragments
  • Flaming Destroyer: 5,000 Fragments
  • Rocket Flight: 2,000 Fragments

Ice: 14,500 Fragments in total

  • Ice Spears: 500 Fragments
  • Glacial Surge: 3,000 Fragments
  • Ice Dragon: 4,000 Fragments
  • Absolute Zero: 5,000 Fragments
  • Ice Skating: 2,000 Fragments

Quake: 17,000 Fragments in total

  • Fatal Demolisher: 1,000 Fragments
  • Air Crusher: 3,000 Fragments
  • Spatial Shockwave: 5,000 Fragments
  • Seaquake: 8,000 Fragments

Dark: 14,500 Fragments in total

  • Dimensional Slash: 500 Fragments
  • Abyssal Darkness: 3,000 Fragments
  • Endless Hole: 4,000 Fragments
  • World of Darkness: 5,000 Fragments
  • Ghastly Step: 2,000 Fragments

Light: 14,500 Fragments in total

  • Divine Arrow: 500 Fragments
  • Swords of Judgement: 3,000 Fragments
  • Light Speed Destroyer: 4,000 Fragments
  • Wrath of God: 5,000 Fragments
  • Shining Flight: 2,000 Fragments

String: 17,300 Fragments in total

  • Thermal Laceration: 800 Fragments
  • Silk Prison: 3,500 Fragments
  • Eternal White: 4,500 Fragments
  • Heavenly Punishment: 6,000 Fragments
  • God’s Highway: 2,500 Fragments

Rumble: 14,500 in total

  • Lightning Beast: 500 Fragments
  • Thunderstorm: 3,000 Fragments
  • Sky Judgement: 4,000 Fragments
  • Thunderball Destruction: 5,000 Fragments
  • Electric Flash: 2,000 Fragments

Magma: 14,500 in total

  • Magma Shower: 500 Fragments
  • Volcanic Assault: 3,000 Fragments
  • Great Magma Hound: 4,000 Fragments
  • Volcanic Storm: 5,000 Fragments
  • Beast Ride: 2,000 Fragments

Buddha: 14,500 in total

  • Shift: 500 Fragments
  • Heavenly Impact: 3,000 Fragments
  • Light of Annihilation: 4,000 Fragments
  • Twilight of the Gods: 5,000 Fragments
  • Retribution Dash: 2,000 Fragments

Sand: 14,500 in total

  • Desert Blade: 500 Fragments
  • Sand Coffin: 3,000 Fragments
  • Sandstorm: 4,000 Fragments
  • Deep Sand: 5,000 Fragments
  • Tornado Flight: 2,000 Fragments

How to do Raids in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, Raids act as a crucial means of awakening fruits. In order to begin a raid, you’ll first need to buy a CHIP from the MYSTERIOUS SCIENTIST for either $100,000, or you can exchange a physical fruit worth anything. You’ll need to be at least level 1,100 or higher to start a raid, but you can join them if you’re at lower levels.

If you’re seeking more of a challenge, you can try Advanced Raids, which became available with update 17.2. To do so, you’ll need to buy a CHIP from the MYSTERIOUS SCIENTIST for either 1,500 fragments, or you can exchange a physical fruit worth over $1,000,000. If you are not able to unlock the advanced raid, check to make sure that you have 400 mastery on Bird: Phoenix, and then head to Cake Island to talk with the SICK SCIENTIST. They will allow you to buy a special chip, which will then allow you to buy advanced chips from the MYSTERIOUS SCIENTIST.

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