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How to Get a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator

Learn how to become a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator.
Get a Titan Anime Fighting Simulator

Update 20 for Anime Fighting Simulator is bringing a rush of new players to the Roblox Experience. New players and also players revisiting the game have been wondering how to get the Titan Form which was first introduced in Update 17. Don’t worry because we’re here with a helpful guide on how to get a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator.

How to Get a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator

Your Titan Form is unlocked by completing the 26th quest given by the NPC Boom. In the game, this form is known as Armoured Colossus and can be found under the Durability Powers. To complete this quest, you must train 500B Strength500B Durability, and 500B Chakra. Besides the Titan Form, you will also be rewarded 100k Yen.

Anime Fighting Simulator Boom Location

Needless to say, this quest will take some time to complete. To help you out, we have gathered all the training locations in Dimension 1 that will help you get finished quicker. Here are the locations where you will want to train your stats for this quest:

Chakra at the Tower of Heaven

We recommend starting with Chakra first since it’s an idle stat. You will gain Yen while you train your Chakra, and you can then use that Yen to raise your Strength multiplier before you start training it. You will want to train at The Tower of Heaven, located in the northwest section of the map.

Durability at the Chamber of Time

You can put some stats into Durability to train it faster, but in some areas, you can train this stat idly, so it’s best to save your money for the strength state multiplier. You will want to train at The Chamber of Time, found in the air to the far east of the map.

Strength at the Monster

Once you’ve trained up your Chakra and Durability, spend your Yen to increase your Strength multiplier and start training that up. You will want to find The Monster, located on a small dock on the west end of the island across the bridge from the starting location.

Helpful Tips

You can boost your Yen to help you buy stat multipliers by using Anime Fighting Simulator codes. You can also use codes to gain Shards, which can be used to purchase champions. Champions can provide a slight auto-training boost. 

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