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How the New Ages System Works in WorldBox – God Simulator

Control your world in new ways!
Image via Maxim Karpenko/Steam

Do you remember the simulation theory, about how our world could possibly just be a simulation created by a technologically advanced society? Well, in WorldBox God Simulator you can be that civilization and play with your own simulation! Take on a role that will let you shape the history of this game as your world grows, develops or perishes! Watch different nations ally with others or head off to war, and keep them safe from plagues – or inflict illnesses at your will! Wipe out entire groups if they anger you, and protect your favorites to keep them alive. Set up the world however you want because in this simulation, you have unlimited power! There are plenty of things to do in the game, and in this guide we will cover the new Ages feature releasing in update 0.21 for WorldBox God Simulator!

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How Does the New Ages System Work in the Game?

WorldBox God Simulator has many different features which can change how your world grows and develops – or if it does so at all! With wars, diseases, famines and more able to strike at any time, you never know when the nation you like the most could be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Just remember that like the real world, no empire lasts forever, so don’t get too attached to your favorite miniature conquerors!

The Ages system that’s being added in the latest major update to the game incorporates a new seasons feature which can last for a long time (up to hundreds of years) and can either help or hinder how your world does. For example, it could become night for a long stretch of time (similar to Game of Thrones’ Long Night) or you could get an era of magic that will bring with it many new wonders and creations. Longtime players of the sandbox game will be pleased to see all of these new features, since they are sure to spice up the game and make every playthrough different!

What Are All of the New Ages?

So far we have a handful of new Ages that have been confirmed for the game, however it is highly likely that more will be released in future updates, especially if the community enjoys the new feature and all of the possibilities that it brings. Here’s a full list of all the new Ages coming with this update.

  • Age of Hope (Default era)
  • Age of Dark
  • Age of Sun
  • Age of Tears
  • Age of Moon
  • Age of Chaos
  • Age of Wonders
  • Age of Ice
  • Age of Ash
  • Age of Despair

What New Powers Will You Get?

Aside from all of the Ages that are being added, you as the player can now pull off some other stunts or use your powers to learn insider information on the various nations that inhabit your simulation. Use this to your advantage by helping out that civilization or ruining their plans to save your favorites from attack. Here are all of the new powers you’ll be able to use in WorldBox God Simulator.

  • Spawn ash cloud
  • Spawn rage cloud
  • Show clan zones
  • Show clan list
  • Show alliance list
  • Show alliance zones
  • Show war zones
  • Show plots
  • Show plot icons
  • “Whisper of War” power (which remains a mystery for now!)

We hope that you enjoyed this guide on all the new Ages and powers coming with WorldBox God Simulator’s expansive 0.21 update! Please check out Gamer Journalist on Facebook to join the discussion and keep up to date with our content, especially if you would like to read more about fantastic games like WorldBox!

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