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How to Pull Someone Over in Flashing Lights – Traffic Stop Guide

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Get ready for the Police Training of your life in Flashing Lights. I imagine this is what they are playing in the Station on their breaks, relieving stress whenever they can by pulling over anyone they decide has violated the law. Flashing Lights is an open-world Police Simulator, allowing players to roleplay as a Cop, playing with friends or riding solo as you put a stop to crime. It is a game for those who love roleplaying in GTA and want to focus on life as a Police Officer instead of a criminal. Practising your traffic stop skills? You will need to use this against AI that may have broken the law without knowing, or are trying to get away with it. That or you can just stop whoever you fancy just for the thrill of it. This is Vincent’s guide on how to perform a traffic stop and pull someone over in Flashing Lights.

How to Perform a Traffic Stop

Being able to pull someone over in Flashing Lights allows you to approach the vehicle and ask the driver any pressing questions related to a possible crime they had just committed the road or to practice your communication skills. This can be used as a form of training on drivers that have done nothing wrong, or in action, where you will now know exactly how to perform a traffic stop. What you need to do is get into your official vehicle. You need a vehicle with a siren so that the driver is alerted to your presence and knows that they need to stop.

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Once you are behind the car that you wish to pull over, you need to press Ctrl on the left-side of the keybaord. This will start your Police siren, telling the driver in front of you to stop. Remember to brake and keep a car-length distance from the car ahead of you so that you do not ram into the brake lights. The prompt ‘Follow until the driver stops the vehicle’ will appear on your screen when you have successfully alerted the car in front of you that you wish to pull over. If the driver has nothing to worry about they will come to a stop on the side of the road, half on the curb, the other half on the road. From here you can get out of your vehicle to approach.

If the driver does not pull up to the side of the road, a pursuit ensues in which you can leave your sirens on and chase after the car. Approaching the window when you have successfully pulled someone over in Flashing Lights will give you the dialogue window to interact with the driver. From here you can open the Dialogue Menu where you can ask ‘Questions’, give ‘Orders’ such as getting them out of the vehicle, ‘Testing’ them or letting them go with ‘Free to go’ option which will let the driver drive off.

That was our quick guide on how to pull someone over in Flashing Lights. We hope this helped you in pursuing a suspect. For other guides and content outside of Police work if you ever wish to retire, feel free to check out all of our guides here at Gamer Journalist. Thank you for reading.

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