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How many Endings Does The Quarry Have?

One of the best things about a mystery game is the multiple endings
The Quarry Scared Camp Counselors
Image via Supermassive Games

The Quarry is as interactive and cinematic-driven as a game can get these days. There are multiple characters you can choose from to interact with more than another. Each choice over another affects the overall gameplay, and therefore the final results of the game. There are many mysteries in the game. One of the more important questions is what kind of creatures are taking out the characters one by one. While there are two main endings that sum up your total choices, there are actually many unique results. Smaller changes lead to those endings that almost everything you do in the game affects.

So How Many Endings are in The Quarry?

According to game director Will Byles, there are 186 different unique endings. What Byles calls “path choices” because of so many characters in the game interacting in many different varying possibilities, the director has talked at length about what it took to create so many different endings.

“Those stories, as you kind of branch through, go wide and they start to come back in again. It’s kind of like the story itself is the variation, not always just the end. We worked out 186 different endings for these characters. Not just alive or dead [but] a whole variation of things like what could happen to them, but the stories that can happen are massively varied.”

Byles is also the director of previous Supermassive Games release, Until Dawn, which The Quarry is considered a spiritual successor. Like Until Dawn, The Quarry is designed for you to play through several times. Choosing different options each replay, getting different consequences as a result, the game allows your decisions to lead you to new options. You will end up searching for what would hasn’t happened and see what other options cause the opposite results.

With nearly 200 alternate endings based on your multiple combinations of choices, The Quarry can be a game that will occupy your time for hours if not days to see which ending you like the most.

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