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What is the Monster in The Quarry?

Discovering the mystery of The Quarry
The Quarry Scared Camp Counselors
Image via Supermassive Games

The Quarry is the latest cinematic interactive horror game from Supermassive Games, with 2K games publishing. After gaining recognition with the Dark Pictures Anthology series, Supermassive Games ups the ante in their latest interactive horror adventure. With the inclusion of Hollywood actors, wider scope, and a deeper supernatural story, The Quarry steps in the ring to be one of the most talked-about horror titles of the year.

Most of the game has players interacting with characters and the environment to discover what lurks in the woods. The players have to discover what creatures are trying to hunt down each character and solve the mystery of The Quarry. All characters are capable of dying in The Quarry due to sudden attacks by monsters, or even paranoia developing inside the group. As the story progresses, the monsters are eventually revealed, which brings us to the question of what they actually are. What is the Monster in The Quarry?

Clearly, you’re here in this article to know for sure what the monster or monsters are but just in case you want to turn back now: spoiler warning.

What is the Monster in The Quarry?

Eventually, the player will discover the monsters hunting down and terrorizing everyone are a group of werewolves. The character Laura explains to Ryan and Dylan, that her boyfriend, Max, is a werewolf after getting bitten by one. The first time players can get a good look at them is during Chapter 3 when one attacks Nick. They have reddish skin, long lanky limbs, and sharp teeth. You can also hear growling and snarling when they are close by. As the game continues, better lighting and more exposure reveal their bodies. Each attacking beast is actually a human that has transformed into a werewolf.

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Of course, in true werewolf lore fashion, it is eventually revealed you can kill them with a silver bullet. How well you survive and deal with the ravenous beasts is up to you. Happy hunting!

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