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How Long to Beat – Bramble: The Mountain King Length

A short adventure with a disturbing story
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In 2023, the last thing we see in video games nowadays is the act of saving a damsel in distress. But in Bramble: The Mountain King, when the damsel is your older, braver sister, well the action just makes sense. The journey is a long one and it is unforgiving, with monsters awaiting you around every corner that your only option is to be brave. In fact, for any media, Olle may be the bravest child in all of fictional existence. Because as your sister, Lillemor is taken away from you, your only choice is to venture into the land’s darkness, learn of its cruel ways and defeat the darkness at its corrupt source. With everything being far bigger than you, how far will you go to save your sister? Wondering how long the Mountain King is to beat, if you are thinking about purchasing this game? Well, look no further than Vincent’s guide.

What is Bramble: The Mountain King?

The story of Bramble: The Mountain King is one that is shrouded in secrecy. In fact, you will not learn of the Mountain King, Nils until towards the end of the game, where the true horrors reveal themselves to you. Olle awakes from his slumber only to find that his sister has disappeared. In a dark horrible world that is this one of Nodic folklore, it is hard to go out into the darkness, but it is even harder to go back to sleep without your sister protecting you. The adventure of Bramble follows little Olle in search for his lost sister, Lillemor. Throughout your journey you will face many foes, different Boss Battle mechanics to fight or evade them, and learn what true bravery is in the face of death. Where everything is out to kill children in this world, you as a player will naturally feel a connection to Olle, being that he is the bravest soul in all of the land.

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How Long is this Nordic Adventure Game?

For its price tag of $29.99, players may find it surprising that this game is on the shorter side. In fact, you can easily complete this game in the 3-hour mark. With games like Little Nightmares, Limbo and INSIDE being on the cheaper side than this but playing very similar to Bramble, you cannot help but wonder if the game is a tad on the more expensive side as it can be completed quite quickly. In my playthrough, the game’s duration was extended due to the control system which had me often accidently jumping off the map or slipping off the edge. You have to control every move that Olle makes in the sense that there are no invisible walls or automatic correction when trying to walk over a thin beam.

Whilst mechanically and performatively, Bramble was average compared to others, its story and representation of the Nordic tales is one that is very interesting and keeps you playing just to see how it ends. I believe this game truly shone within the final half hour, where the horror reaches its climax once you see Lillemor again after hours and hours of searching for her.

We hope this guide was helpful for you in determining whether or not you purchase Bramble: The Mountain King. For more guides and content, be sure to check out Gamer Journalist’s website. Thank you for reading this guide.

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