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How does the Sandwich Timer Work in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Relish every second
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Cooking delicious meals for yourself and your Pokémon is more in depth than ever. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, crafting sandwiches isn’t only just a tasty treat, but can also provide benefits to player’s teams. Different combinations of ingredients provide different results. One thing players will notice that is new: the Sandwich Timer. In previous installments, trainers had unlimited time to choose and craft their meals, Though now that may no longer be the case. What does this mean for player’s sandwich making? Not much at first, though completionists and stat chasers may want to take note of the coming information.

What is the Sandwich Timer?

As the name suggests, the Sandwich Timer times the player when making sandwiches. In a first for the series, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gives players ten minutes to craft and finalize their culinary creations. At fist ten minutes seems like a generous amount of time to make a sandwich. That may be true, at least for the first sandwiches that trainers make.

An incentive to craft sandwiches is that when eaten by Pokémon, they can provide boosts that can be used in battles. What some players may not know is that rarer, more exotic ingredients can provide a greater buff to their team. Though there are ways to get that buff even higher. While ingredients are a key component in doing so, ingredient placement can drive buffs even higher for Pokémon. This is where the Sandwich Timer can begin to put the pressure on aspiring sandwich makers.

Whether following a recipe or winging it, placement matters. Throughout the Paldea region, trainers will find ingredients of all shapes and sizes. Though not all ingredients are stack friendly. Placing ingredients without care has the chance of making the whole thing fall over. If the sandwich collapses, your team will only receive lower level buffs. That’s why its important to make sure your sandwich is stable. If a sandwich has the right ingredients and is built correctly, high level buffs for your team will be a reward for a job well done. The more stars shown at the end of the activity, the better the buff earned.

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