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How Do You Fix the Syncing Account State Error in MultiVersus? Answered

Patience is Golden

It’d appear that there’s something even more out of left field than Ultra Instinct Shaggy in MultiVersus. It’s possible that you’ve encountered an error that won’t let you play the game as intended. It’s referred to as a Syncing Account State Error, and it’s causing quite a bit of irritation among the player base.

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It would appear that this error manifests in the form of a never-ending loading screen. Some players have reported this error on PlayStation consoles, but it can occur on any console. MultiVersus requires a Warner Bros. Games account to function properly. As such, because this error occurs as the game tries to connect to the servers and sync the assorted accounts, it can occur on any platform.

How to Fix Syncing Account State Error in MultiVersus?

As of writing, it would seem the best solution is to be patient. Player First Games, the developer of MultiVersus, has acknowledged that they’re aware of this error. As such, aside from restarting your router and internet connection, there’s not much else that can be done on an individual level.

In fact, as we’re writing this, it would appear that the problem should be fixed for the majority of gamers. If you’re one of the unlucky few who are still encountering this problem, as we said before, the best fix is to be patient and keep your eyes glued to the MultiVersus Twitter account. We will also update this page with more information as it’s made available, so stick with Gamer Journalist for updates.

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