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How Do I Assign Weapons To A Group In Starfield?

You sadly can't attach 10 different weapons and turn into a floating death ball.
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When it comes to creating a spaceship in Starfield, players have nearly endless possibilities. From tweaking engines and landing gear, to recalibrating your space crafts entire layout, your imagination is the only limiter. However, not everything is properly expounded upon when you first play through the game. And since a game like Starfield requires a decent understanding of all it’s systems and features in order to derive the most enjoyment, many players have been left feeling a bit frustrated. Focusing on our vehicle taking us through the cosmos, let’s stare at the stars and ponder the question: how do I assign weapons to a group in Starfield?

How Do I Assign Weapons To A Group In Starfield?

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Screenshot via GamerJournalist/Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield has a plethora of weapons for you to choose and attach to your ship. As part of the very in-depth ship builder, players will get the chance to mix and match weapons for their enemy encounters in space. Whenever you decide to change up your ship layout, there are certain requirements it has to follow, based on how you create your ship. Along with this, players get a total of 3 weapon groups per ship that you’ll need to work around. Meaning, you need to choose carefully when deciding to go with that missile launcher, or a railgun.

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At the end of your customization, go ahead and select the ‘flight check‘ option and switch over to the ‘weapons‘ tab. Here, you will find all of your currently equipped ship weapons, allowing you to assign them to different groups, or other weapon systems. For example, if we swap our autocannon with our IR laser, this changes the control button to use it, but also the power bar for the weapons that are swapping. Use the flight check menu to double check and see if you have too many weapons equipped, or not enough. And always make sure to check the weapon grouping before you head out, or else you might find yourself up a star system without a paddle.

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