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How Did Faye Die in God Of War

A tragic figure.

After the events of the God of War trilogy, we did not expect that Kratos would take another shot at love, especially knowing what happened to his last family. Yet, he fell in love with Faye and raised a son named Atreus. But in the events of the 2018 God of War and God of War: Ragnarök, it is established that Faye had died but has set the stepping stones needed to start an event known as Ragnarok. But it does beg the question: how did Faye die in God of War?

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Faye’s death in God of War, explained

Though God of War 2018, God of War: Ragnarök and a book called God of War: Lore and Legends provided many stories and information that related to Faye’s character, the cause her death was never mentioned in any source material out there and not even officials who worked on the franchise mentioned or gave any more hints about Faye’s unfortunate demise.

There may be no official statement or canon information about how Faye died, but there are numerous hints scattered all over every God of War source material out there. Fans are always on the hunt to find even the smallest evidence about Faye’s death, so if you’re curious, below are few of the most believed theories about Faye’s death.

Faye was sick

Across the source materials for God of War, there are mentions of Faye being ill before she passed away. Atreus in God of War and in the book God of War: Lore and Legends Atreus mentions that his mother looked pale and is less talkative than her usual self. This of course led to fans theorizing that it is a clear sign that Faye was ill before she died and it is what caused her death. 

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Faye died from her wounds after a great fight

In the games, it is established that Faye is the original owner of the Leviathan Axe and was a great and noble warrior even before she met Kratos. It is also no secret that she despises Odin and is part of those who are against him.

During a fight between Kratos and Thor, Thor mentions that the fight seems familiar to him. This was after a frozen lightning bolt was conjured after Mjölnir and the Leviathan Axe clashed. Later in the game, we discover that there was another frozen lightning bolt in Vanaheim—hinting that Faye might’ve fought Thor in Vanaheim at some point and her injuries with the fight led to her demise.

A combination of both

The first two theories are both very likely to happen but it is also not impossible to consider that both of these events are true. Faye may have been away from her home for a long while because she was fighting against the forces of Odin from time to time. It then possibly led to a confrontation with Thor in Vanaheim and she may have in the realm of Jotunheim defending it.

After weeks of rigorous fighting all the while she witnesses the demise of her race she goes home to Kratos and Atreus hiding her wounds pretending that everything is okay. Eventually, she becomes ill because of her injuries, which caused her death. Pretty solid theory, right?

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