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How to Catch Pets in Pet Zoo

Fill your zoo with the rarest pets in Pet Zoo.
How to catch pets in pet zoo

Pet Zoo is a Roblox game developed by Voldex. Pet Zoo is a hybrid tycoon-style game. Your job is to build a massive zoo, but you have to fill it with pets you catch yourself. This makes for entertaining and unique gameplay. Pet Zoo features over 30 unique pets and a custom-catching system across different biomes. When you first start your Zoo, it’s not completely clear how to fill it with pets. Luckily we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to catch pets. 

How to Catch Pets in Pet Zoo

To catch pets in Pet Zoo, we must first travel to the HUB. Click on the Travel icon and then the Hub icon. The HUB is where we will gain access to the various pet biomes. This is also the location where we can upgrade our pets. Green Hill is the first zone you will have access to, with wild Leafys roaming around. 

Capture Leafy

When you approach a pet, you will notice that they each have a star rating. The higher the star rating, the more money they will produce for you in your zoo. However, higher star pets are rarer and more challenging to catch. Once you’ve spotted the pet you want, go up to it and hit capture. You will then have to select a Rune to use. Runes are like Pokeballs; a rune will be consumed on each capture attempt. Luckily runes are scattered all over. Just run up to one to collect it. 

Swirl Rune

Once you’ve selected a rune, the capturing mini-game will start. You will have 10 seconds to draw within the dark section of the rune. If you draw out of the rune, you will see a red X. The fewer mistakes you make and the more filled the rune is when the timer runs out will determine your capture chance. 

Rune Mini Game

Once you’ve successfully captured a pet, it will be available in your inventory. Teleport back to your zoo and put your pet into the proper biome. You will see a poster saying what “Pet Affinity” each biome has. Pet Affinity will give the pet inside of the enclosure a star boost if they are the correct kind, making you more money.

Pet Affinity

That’s all there is to catching pets in Pet Zoo. We are excited to see the future updates in this game as they add more pets and zones. Keep an eye out for new codes to help you build your zoo and catch exotic pets.

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