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Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheat codes – Do they exist?

You know who else used cheat codes? Voldemort.
Image via Avalanche Software

We all wish that we could have the most overpowered character at the beginning of a game. However, excluding things like New Game+, RPG’s don’t just let you have every power and ability out the gate. That hasn’t stopped fans of Hogwarts Legacy from looking. As many people in the community have been searching and scouring for any possibilities of gaining the upper hand on their fellow classmates. This can be seen as ruining the game for some. But for others, they might want to give the game another go without having to grab certain items or currency. Let’s attend some classes and take a look at Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheat codes – do they exist?

Hogwarts Legacy PS5 cheat codes – Do they exist?

Image via Avalanche Software

Unlocking all the spells, having infinite materials to craft potions, and infinite health are just a few cheats that might help players in Hogwarts Legacy. Far too long has there been the debate of whether or not it is “right” to allow this type of game manipulation in a single player game. However at the end of the day if the experience is solely at the discretion of a single player, meaning it’s game where you never encounter another real life person, what harm can there be?

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Now while there might be some “modded” saves of Hogwarts Legacy floating around the internet, it seems as if our answer might not have a happy ending. For the time being, it seems as there is not any cheat codes for Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 right now. It’s clear that right now, the developers haven’t put out any official cheat codes. Due to how consoles are set up, players creating their own cheat codes for anyone to use is a very strict and timely process. One that requires voiding a ton of warranties, and most likely having to mod your entire PlayStation console. Fans will have to wait and see if the developers allow any official cheats, and if the players will stop waiting and take matters into their own hands.

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