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GTA V Online Infinite Money Glitch Lets Players Make Millions

Money, Money, Money, Money ... Money!
GTA Online IAA Artwork
Image via Rockstar Games

DISCLAIMER: Big thanks to YouTuber Obese Giraffe, who recounted this story in a recent video.

In GTA V Online, much like in real life, money is the ultimate motivator. This is proven by the way players reacted to an unforeseen glitch that multiplied their total income. But, also like in real life, playing the system can sometimes result in a massive punishment from the powers that be. Here is the story of the GTA V Online Infinite Money Glitch, and the (in-game) lives that were lost as a direct result.

So, What Was This Glitch?

I am about to write something I never thought I’d write: let’s go back to the Summer of 2020. In the midst of lockdowns brought on by COVID-19, Rockstar Games put out an update for GTA Online. The Los Santos Summer Special — try saying that five times fast — provided players with new jobs, characters, and collectibles. But, among the intended additions was one that was very, very, unintended.

It would seem that, in order to even partake of the new material, players had to drain their accounts. This was not a good time to be a “tax-paying citizen” in GTA Online. In addition to forcing players to buy a very unnecessary yacht, the dev team thought it apt to add two more property slots to the existing six. Because players would need somewhere to spend all the money they no longer had after the yacht.

It was then that players discovered … the infinite money glitch, which essentially worked like this. Players would travel to Unit 124 Popular St. — mind you, this was an unintended glitch on Rockstar’s part, so that name is entirely coincidental and ironic — and purchase the unit. It was one of, if not the cheapest properties in the game, so it was kind of a steal. But, before players could take advantage of this glitch, there was one prerequisite: they needed to own an office building. Preferably an expensive one, such as Maze Bank Tower, but theoretically, any office building would do.

OK — so, provided they already had an office building, players could purchase the unit on Popular St. and place it in the sixth property slot. Then, they could start a new session, buy the cheapest property and put that, too, into the sixth property slot. It’s then that players noticed … the value for the sixth property slot had skyrocketed. But … just like when you think you’ve gotten away with tax fraud … the authority appears.

The Wrath of Rockstar

It goes without saying, but … Rockstar wasn’t pleased with the players abusing this glitch. Unlike in the real world, there isn’t likely to be a significant economic impact from these players abuse of a glitch. That didn’t matter — Rockstar had been scorned; the players had messed around, and now they were about to find out. In past instances, following a patch, players had the excess money taken from them, so that was naturally expected in this instance. But … that was the least of their concerns, they just didn’t know it yet.

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To avoid Rockstar confiscating their excess cash, players went on a spending spree from hell. The rationale was: if they spend the capital, maybe they’ll be unable to tell that they engaged with the glitch? But … that was not only an incorrect rationale, it turned out to be a digital death sentence. Rockstar decided to take their entire account … and wipe it clean. It wasn’t just their money. It was everything.

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