Graffiti Locations in Need for Speed Heat

Graffiti Locations in Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat is the latest installment of the Need for Speed series published by Electronic Arts. The game was released on November 8th, 2019 and is the twenty-fourth game in the series, marking its 25th anniversary.

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The open world nature of this game allows players to explore Palm City, which is based on Palm Beach, Florida. Other than customizing your exotic cars, the game presents exploration challenges such as finding pieces of street art around the city.

This guide will help you find all graffiti locations in Need for Speed Heat, so let’s take a look.

Graffiti Locations in Need for Speed Heat

Sandino Ranches

  1. The rear of Brewski’s Bontana
  2. A forklift to the side of truck containers
  3. To the left of a small house, southwest of Sandino Ranches Safe House
  4. Behind the Fairview Fields Oranges Gift Shop (near the Safe House)
  5. A trailer next to the windmill
  6. On the side of the barn with the silo
  7. Car graveyard located northwest of the Safe House with white containers out front
  8. Grey building next to the Radio Tower

Bayview Park

  1. Side of a white building with palm trees nearby, northeast near a billboard and flamingo
  2. In the same general area, you will see yachts docked on the bay — across from them on a white wall you can see graffiti
  3. In the center of Bayview Park look for another Billboard with Flamingos, the art is on a tan building on the garage door
  4. On the east side, find a white building by the overpass with the art on the side of it
  5. In the southwest, look for a purple Spray Can and you will see a tan building with the graffiti
  6. To the east in Bayview Park Safe House you will see a blue apartment building with graffiti on the side
  7. Northeast towards the beach, a big white building has graffiti on the wall pointing towards the beach
  8. On the other side of the bridge located north

Port Murphy

  1. South side near the shipping yard you’ll see a ramp you can hit to land on the containers. A second ramp after this will lead you to the graffiti
  2. Look for large cranes in the southwest, where you will find a white building with art on the side
  3. Northwest of town you’ll see a billboard with a white building that has graffiti on it
  4. A little south of the center of Port Murphy you’ll find warehouses and a red boiler
  5. North near the water and ships you will find a small white building with graffiti on it
  6. Go south and find truck containers where you’ll see another white building with art on it
  7. Southeast near the border you’ll see several white buildings — the smallest one has graffiti on it
  8. Look for black silos and you will see an alley with graffiti down it

Fairview Fields

  1. Red barn next to the black silo, you will find street art
  2. Two billboards near the center of Fairview Fields, a smiling emoji awaits
  3. On the side of a building a bit north of the center of Fairview Fields
  4. East next to the overpass
  5. Southeast along the train tracks you will find a tunnel with art in it
  6. Southwest tan buildings next to an electric grid
  7. Gas Station in the southeast
  8. Jewel Beauty Saloon near the Speed Hunters billboard

Mendoza Keys

  1. Blue apartment building east of town by the water
  2. South highway road that is under construction
  3. Wooden shack to the east, with a sign saying “What the Buck”
  4. East side smaller building next to a big one
  5. Small shipping container next to the bridge
  6. Down the bridge look for yellow construction equipment
  7. West of town look for a house with a gate by the water
  8. Light blue building west of town near the crossroads

Eden Shores

  1. Between two white and blue buildings to the east, north of a billboard
  2. Dome shaped building southwest near the bridge
  3. Concrete wall north of town near several buildings
  4. Dock near center of town passed from bushes
  5. Circular building southeast of town near umbrellas on the beach
  6. Grey wall to the south near a Flamingo and billboard
  7. Lookout tower to the northwest near a bridge
  8. Big blue building to the south

Palm City Raceway

  1. Buildings near two billboards to the east
  2. To the north, find a billboard and old abandoned raceway
  3. White building to the southeast near Speed Hunters billboard
  4. Garage at Palm City Raceway
  5. Northwest tiled buildings with pillars in the front
  6. RS Princess and Jewelry shop east of the raceway dealership
  7. Small white building to the southeast of the last location
  8. Green doorway east of the Part Shop

Downtown Palm City

  1. White building near Downtown Palm City Gas Station
  2. Docked yacht to the northeast
  3. Small buildings northeast of the safe house
  4. White buildings southeast along the border
  5. Tan building east of the gas station
  6. Building southwest, near a billboard
  7. A building near the spray Can icon on the map near the word “Palm”
  8. Building in the center of town with an S statue in front

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