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How to Beat Stage 9-40 in Street Fighter: Duel

Pass this hard level with ease!
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Street Fighter: Duel will remind many video game veterans of the good old days filled with arcade game classics and simple 2D graphics, thanks to its user-friendly animation style and easy to grasp combat mechanics. Play through a surprisingly immersive storyline as you work to unlock the various characters in this action-packed game, and pass by all of the challenging levels and obstacles in your way. Master the various different fighting styles that your favorite characters use, and practice to become one of the best fighters around! In this guide we will cover how to beat one of the most difficult stages in Street Fighter: Duel, which is level 9-40.

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How Do You Defeat This Stage in Street Fighter: Duel?

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Image via Crunchyroll Games/Capcom

Level 9-40 in Street Fighter: Duel will pit you against E. Honda, Abel and two other strong enemies who are similar to Guile. They all have a level of 126, and their entire team’s power is a grand total of 213K power. Fortunately for players, almost all of them are from the Thunder faction which makes things a lot simpler, except for Abel who is from the Wind faction. Although these enemies may seem tough, it is entirely possible to defeat them without too much worry if you build your team right.

Firstly, you will want to have a higher power level than your opponents, meaning you’ll need your team to have a higher power level than 213K. However, if you cannot do this the fight is still possible even below 200K power – it will just be a bit more difficult to finish successfully. Make sure that your fighters are at least level 120 in order to take on this stage, since anything below that threshold would be fairly weak to go up against this team. Some recommended characters that we suggest (if you have them, of course) are:

  • Elena
  • Beast Zangief
  • Mad Ryu
  • Chun-Li

If you choose to and can follow our recommended characters list, start off the fight with Beast Zangief. Next up run Elena in Combo 1, but then use Zangief again in Combo 2. Using Mad Ryu in Combo 2 could also be a help if you feel like it’s necessary. Make sure your Auto feature is disabled for this fight, since you need your timing to be absolutely on point the entire match. Make sure that you only launch combos when the blue energy bar of the enemy team is filled to nearly the fullest it can get. Lastly, don’t give up if you do not pass the stage on your first try. Keep going and try again, since with more practice you are sure to master this tricky level! Good luck!

We hope that you enjoyed reading, and this marks the end of our tutorial on how to pass stage 9-40 in Street Fighter: Duel! Be sure to visit Gamer Journalist on our official Facebook page so that you can join the discussion and keep up to date with all of our latest content.

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