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How to Get Spells in Weapon Fighting Simulator

Become stronger in Weapon Fighting Simulator by unlocking spells.
How to Get Spell in Weapon Fighting Simulator

Weapon Fighting Simulator is a Roblox Experience where you destroy targets with a collection of powerful weapons. Equip your best swords and send them flying towards the target. Watch as they zip around, slicing away until all that’s left is shards and qi drops. In addition to weapons, Weapon Fighting Simulator also features a spellbook. 

Weapon Fighting Simulator lets you add up extra damage to your targets by using spells. This concept is relatively rare in Roblox simulator-style games and makes this game stand out. But how do you gain spells in Weapon Fighting Simulator?

How to Get Spells in Weapon Fighting Simulator

Spells are random drops you get from destroying targets in Weapon Fighting Simulator. You simply need to send your weapons at a target, and you might get a spell when it’s destroyed. However, the drop rate is very low. We have only had success getting spells on the higher-level targets in each zone. 

Earning Spells Weapon Fighting Simulator

Spells have a rarity similar to the weapons. Some are common, while others are rarer. To help increase your chances, you will want to kill as many targets as possible. Make sure you constantly upgrade your weapons as soon as you have the spirit stones. You can also fuse your weapons together with multiple lower-level drops. You can also use boosts given from the latest codes. If you get multiple drops of the same spell, it will level it up to make the spell more powerful.

Spells Weapon Fighting Simulator

You can get spells for different types of mastery and mix and match the ones you want to use. Each spell has a damage output and a cooldown. By default, spells will auto-cast, but you can turn this off by going into the settings and disabling “Auto Spell.” As you level up into Junior Qi, you will unlock a wider range of spells.

We hope you find some spells soon and make the ultimate spell loadout. 

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