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How to Get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2

Master your Shikai by learning how to get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2.
how to get soul nodes in Reaper 2

Reaper 2 is a Roblox Experiences based on the hit anime and manga series Bleach. In this game, you get to play in the world of Bleach, starting out in the protagonist’s hometown, Karakura. There is a main story quest line along with daily and repeatable quests to help you become the strongest Soul Reaper. Once you get past level 10, more game content is available to you, including acquiring soul nodes.

There are multiple skill trees in Reaper 2 for you to spend skill points on. While most of the skill trees use regular skill points from leveling, the Shikai tree is different and uses Soul Nodes. You may have one of nine different Shikai’s, each with its own rarity. In this guide, we will show you how to acquire soul nodes. 

How to Get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2 – Guide

Before attempting to get Soul Nodes, you must first reach level 10. You can easily do this by playing through the story quests. By the time you complete the quest from Sly_Kage you should be close to or already level 10. Check out our Reaper 2 Map Guide if you get lost while questing.

Reaper 2 Shakai Tree

Once you reach level 10, here is how to get Soul Nodes.

  1. Hit “P” to start meditating.
  2. Go down to the third option to fight your Shikai
  3. Fight your Shikai
  4. Use your Soul Nodes

If you beat your Shikai, you will receive two soul nodes that you can use in your skill tree. Getting soul nodes is on a cooldown. You can’t immediately fight your Shikai again to get more soul nodes. The cooldown is 30 minutes, so once you receive two Soul Nodes, you will need to wait for 30 minutes before repeating the process again.

We hope you found this guide helpful and that you were able to defeat your Shikai. Good luck in your Reaper 2 adventures!

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