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Genshin Impact Version 1.5 Secret Achievements for free Primogems

Genshin Impact Version 1.5 Secret Achievements for free Primogems

Genshin Impact‘s version 1.5 update is finally upon us, and we have a ton of new content to explore. Aside from all the new weapons, domains, and enemies, some new hidden achievements are also available. In this guide, we will look at some of the lesser-known achievements relating to a couple of the new enemies. Who doesn’t love free Primogems? There are three achievements relating to the Cryo Hypostasis and Azhdaha bosses. Here’s a look at the Genshin Impact version 1.5 secret achievements you can complete for free Primogems.

Genshin Impact 1.5 Achievements for free Primogems

Here are three secret achievements now available in Genshin Impact 1.5:

  1. …A Single Night’s Work
  2. Knee-Deep Snow…
  3. Sternest of Souls

Complete “…A Single Night’s Work” Achievement

To get the “…A Single Night’s Work” Genshin Impact 1.5 achievement, you will need to defeat a Cryo Hypostasis that is in a weakened state. The area to complete this is in Dragonspine in Wyrmrest Valley at the Cryo Hypostasis. You may want to use Pyro characters, as they will deal a ton of bonus damage to the boss. Finishing this achievement nets you 5 Primogems (viewable in the Wonders of the World section).

Complete “Knee-Deep Snow…” Achievement

To get the “Knee-Deep Snow…” achievement, you need to defeat a Cryo Hypostasis that has revived three times. It is similar to the previous achievement, but you cannot beat the boss immediately after it is weakened. Instead, you want to wait for it to revive three times in total before ultimately defeating it. Completing this achievement will get you 5 Primogems once again.

Complete “Sternest of Souls” Achievement

Finally, the last achievement to complete is the Sternest of Souls, in which you must defeat Azhdaha in all its forms. Azhdaha is a new monster in Genshin Impact version 1.5, and it’s an enormous dragon as ancient as the mountains themselves!

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