Friday the 13th: The Game – Is There Crossplay for Console & PC?

Are you able to play with your friends, no matter the platform? It's a bleak answer.
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One of the pioneers for the survival horror games we know today was Gun Media and IllFonic’s asymmetric multiplayer title, Friday the 13th: The Game. It holds the premise that games like Dead by Daylight and Evil Dead: The Game use, basically walking so that they could run.

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A game that still has a dedicated fanbase due to just how original it is, even when compared to its contemporaries, Friday the 13th: The game has been around for a while now. And with it being such a prominent part of the survival horror multiplayer landscape it begs the question; is it crossplay for console and PC?

Is There Crossplay for Console & PC?

Although at one point Friday the 13th: The Game was on a fast-moving uphill trajectory of success, a sudden issue with the rights to the Friday the 13th IP between the franchise’s creative heads quickly left IllFonic and Gun Media in the middle with no authority. Following that fallout, both parties were left with a game that was still allowed to be sold as-is but was unable to be updated with many of the new maps, modes, or other quality of life updates that were planned for the future.

Unfortunately for players, one such quality of life feature would be any kind of cross-play, whether between any family of consoles or PC. This basically means that players on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch can only play with other players on the same gaming platform. So in short; no, there, unfortunately, is no crossplay for Friday the 13th: The Game of any kind.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance, one that Gun Media has learned to grow from. They’ve recently announced The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game which will undoubtedly fill the void that was created when Friday the 13th: The Game met an unfortunate demise.

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