Arcade Circuit Breaker Locations Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach

All Arcade Circuit Breaker Locations in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

I’ve heard people say that one minor reason arcades aren’t as prevalent as they used to be is that they’re massive fire hazards. A lot of cheap arcades in the 90s would have as many as ten cabinets plugged into a single ancient power strip. One spark behind the machines (and given the shaggy carpet most arcades had back then, a spark was inevitable), and the whole place could light up like the Fourth of July. That said, when your choices are to power up an arcade or get mauled to death by an animatronic wolf, I guess a fire hazard is an acceptable concern. Here are all of the arcade circuit breaker locations in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach.

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As part of the process to take down Roxanne Wolf and swipe her eyes to upgrade Freddy, you’ll need to repair a STAFF robot head to help you operate the kart on the go-kart track. The good news is that the head can be repaired in the security office of the arcade area. The bad news is that attempting to do so will kill the power, and the head can’t be fixed until it’s back on. I swear, the wiring in this place is terrible.

All Arcade Circuit Breaker Locations in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

In order to restore power to the arcade, you’ll need to flip four circuit breakers located around the area. Naturally, the game won’t be making this process easy for you. Not only are Roxy, Chica, and Monty hot on your tail in the arcade, with the STAFF bots present to alert them to your presence, but the titanic DJ Music Man will also be prowling the perimeter after being awoken from his nap. Music Man is gigantic, and will be crawling around the walls and floors of the arcade as he hunts for you. Luckily, his footfalls are very distinctive, so you’ll know when he’s nearby and it’s time to hide.

To find the four circuit breakers, just follow this procedure. Bear in mind, though, that the breakers do need to be flipped in this specific order; they won’t be interactable if you try to go out of order.

  1. The first circuit breaker, the one that activates the other three, is located on the ground floor of the arcade, right next to the slumbering Music Man. Make sure to high-tail it as soon as you flip it, as Music Man will wake up and begin his hunt shortly.
  2. The second circuit breaker can be found in the ground floor bathrooms, specifically in the men’s room. On the right side of the room, you should find a small custodial closet, within which you’ll find the breaker on the wall.
  3. The third circuit breaker is also on the ground floor, over on the eastern wall. Look for next to a long line of arcade cabinets. Stay on your toes, as you’ll be right out in the open for this part.
  4. The fourth and final circuit breaker is located in a hallway on the second floor. The pathway is swarming with STAFF, so keep your Faz Shot or Faz Blaster handy to stun them. If they alert the animatronics while you’re in such a confined space, you won’t have anywhere to run.

Once the breakers are all flipped, return to the security room and enter the newly-opened hallway, leading to one last breaker. Activate it, and the power will return, allowing you to finally repair that STAFF bot head.

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