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How to Use Assemblers in Factory Simulator

Massively multiple your profits by learning how to use assemblers in Factory Simulator.
How to Use Assemblers in Factory Simulator

Assemblers in Factory Simulator first appear in Tier 2. Assemblers come in two flavors, regular or single assemblers and dual assemblers. They look different and more complicated than the other machines, but we assure you they are pretty easy to get a grasp of. In this guide, we will discuss how the assemblers work and go over a few direct setups. Let’s dive in.

How to Use Regular Assemblers in Factory Simulator

Assemblers are a small step up in complexity from the press, extruder, furnace, and cutter. An assembler works in very much the same way as the other machines. You put one item in and get one item out. However, the range of items you can import and export is more extensive, and it takes more complex items as inputs. 

The assembler will greatly multiply the value of the output item, so you want to make sure you put them into your production lines as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at how we would use one in a simplified setup. In this example, we will make Iron Gears from Iron Plates. Iron Gears will sell for 10.7k compared to 1.65k for the plates. 

Factory Simulator Assembler Build

Since the assembler takes in Iron Plates in this example, we need first to create them by using a furnace and press inline. The Iron Plates then feed into the input side, where the arm picks them up and converts them to gears on the other side of the belt. That’s all there is to using the regular assembler. Dual Assemblers are slightly more complex so let’s dive into those.

How to Use Dual Assemblers in Factory Simulator

As the name suggests, Dual Assemblers take two inputs and produce one output. These machines are significantly different because of the dual inputs and occupy much more space. The value multiplier from the Dual Assembler is massive, so it’s a great machine to have in your line. Many Dual Assembler input recipes will require a regular assembler earlier in the production line. Let’s take a look at a simple example of using a Dual Assembler.

Factory Simulator Dual Assembler Build

In this example, we are making a Mechanical Assembly (48.5k) that requires an Iron Plate (1.65k) and Copper Gear (3.55k). You can see the gears coming in at the top of the dual assembler and the iron plates coming at the bottom. The arms grab the parts and then spits out a mechanical assembly on the other side. This recipe means that we will need a regular assembler making the gears before the dual assembler on the copper side of our line. 

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to use the Single and Dual assemblers in Factory Simulator. It may take a bit of reconfiguring, but they are pretty easy to add to your factory overall. If you still need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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