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Every enemy in Metal: Hellsinger and how to beat them

Keep your enemies close, as they say
line of beats in Metal Hellsinger
Image via The Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger is never short of beasts and elites to throw at you to hinder your progress and stop the prophecy from coming true. But you’re not going to let that stop you, are you? If you truly want to conquer the Hells, you’d better know what creatures you’re up against. Here is a complete list of every enemy in the game, and how to beat them in Metal: Hellsinger.

All Beasts in Metal: Hellsinger


The Marionettes are the most frequent beast you will come across, and the easiest. Most of your weapons will one-tap these insufferable stragglers, yet in their hordes they may pose a threat. It would generally be advised to use your crowd control weapons to easily rid them, however as they are easy to slaughter for health, it may be worth keeping a couple hanging around for later use.

Killing with rhythm fight Metal: Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders


Cambions are ranged pests, and just about strong enough to be a thorn in your side. They lob projectiles from afar, but are easy to take down if you focus on them all in turn. A couple shots from The Hounds is all it takes to make them vulnerable, so you can even save these guys for slaughter purposes if there are no Marionettes around. They tend to like away and keep in crevices and niches to attack you from afar, so be vigilant.


True to its name, the Behemoth is a dangerous for. High health and high damage, you will want to focus on these beasts and stay well clear. They can and will leap dramatic distances to smash down on you, so dash out of the way if you ever see one airborne. Their melee attacks deal high damage, so adopt a ranged weapon and stay clear. They will soon be dispatched.

fighting in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders


Talk about a mean, green, fighting machine. The Stalker is a high speed, high damage opponent, who will jab at you with long range sniper attacks, or up-close quick slashes. Whether at a distance or close up, they are a worthy adversary. To top it off, they can go invisible and briefly teleport around. If there is a Stalker in your midst, keep moving, keep dashing, and nail them with your most powerful weapon. They are best dealt with quickly.

Giantslayer I stalker in metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders


Despite the name, these beasts always know where you are to annoy you. Despite being moderately easy to kill, these horrible creatures will vomit numerous acidic projectiles to bombard your position. Upon contact with the floor, the projectiles will puff into acidic smoke and sludge, slowing you down and dealing damage. These beasts will still to the edge of the map, zooming to a better position if needed to harass your position with burning, sticky acid. Upon sight, quickly snipe them dead, they are somewhat fragile.


These magical enemies have a few tricks up their sleeve. And by tricks, I mean attacks. Not only will they strike at you, they can summon a strange black spikey critter to roll on the ground towards you, and they can even launch projectiles that will stick to surfaces and explode. Their summoned black pests can be shot, but their other attacks must be evaded. Due to the nature of their attacks, they are versatile fighters and formidable at range and melee. However, they are not particularly bulky, and a focused assault from Vulcan will put them in their place.

Lesser Seraph

From the Heavens, these holy abominations will float, and pack a serious punch. Having the freedom of the sky, they will always position themselves to attack you, so you cannot avoid them. If up close, they will withdraw themselves to unleash a ball of energy. When you see them contract, dash away to avoid significant damage. At range, they will unleash a focused beam of divine energy. The beams strike vertically, so simply strafe to either side. They are quick however, so your reflexes must be sharp. Four perfect hits from The Hounds make them vulnerable, but a targeted slew from Vulcan will send them crashing.

lesser seraph in metal hellsinger
Image via The Outsiders

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All Elites in Metal: Hellsinger

Shield Cambion

Of course they were given a shield. The shield they adopt is impervious to your attacks, and they no longer will simply lob projectiles at you. They shoot a steady stream of shots, each shot consisting of three projectiles. The best thing to do is either use an ultimate attack to penetrate their shield, or use Vulcan’s area damage and shoot on the floor near them. If it really comes down to the wire, pick up Terminus and keep jumping behind them whilst slashing them constantly. They have high health and have high damage, so being careful is a must.

Siege Behemoth

These guys are a force to be reckoned with. They can do everything a regular Behemoth can, except these guys have ranged attacks, too. With a flail of their arm, numerous shots get released in a wide area, so dash through or over them. Their melee attacks also get an upgrade. Not only is their base damage increased, but they can send out waves of fire that can only be avoided by jumping. With such dramatic and dangerous attacks, you won’t be able to help but focus on them. So pick up your most powerful weapon, keep your distance, and stay focused.

siege behemoth in metal hellsinger
Image via The Outsiders

Void Stalker

These guys are a handful. They have all the abilities of a regular Stalker, however they can harness void attacks, which can reduce your fury (the audacity). These crazed fighters are quite unpredictable, fast, and have a lot of attacks, so you’d better be on your guard and prepared for anything. They can unleash projectiles of energy to zip through the sky and can unleash a wave of pure energy. The erratic nature of the Void Stalker make it a formidable foe, so approach it the same as a regular Stalker, but be prepared to do more evading and backing off.

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