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How to beat the Slaughter Mastery torment in Metal: Hellsinger

Lets get bloody
Slaughter Mastery I info in metal hellsinger
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If you enjoy Metal: Hellsinger, then you must be up for a challenge. One of the great challenges of the game is the Slaughter Mastery line of torments, to get The Perfectionist Sigils. Slaughtering is rewarding and hugely satisfying, well at least you better think so considering that’s all you’re going to be doing. Here is how to beat Slaughter Mastery in Metal: Hellsinger.

What is Slaughter Mastery in Metal: Hellsinger?

Slaughter Mastery is a fun line of torments that sees you having to kill a target number of beats whilst under a time constraint. More time is awarded for each kill. However, not just any kill will do. Only kills by slaughter are counted in this challenge, hence the reasonable generous time parameters.

So in this challenge, you are not shooting to kill, which may be a very alien concept to many Metal: Hellsinger players. You’ll need to have a good understanding of your weapons and their damage, on and off-beat to be able to manipulate the damage output for victory.

Top tips for Slaughter Mastery

Ideally, you should be able to prime every enemy for slaughter, so you don’t lose time and potential kills.

Use Paz to spam the Marionettes to get them vulnerable, a few perfect hits should do.

The Hounds are great at priming Cambions through two perfect hits.

For the tougher enemies hit them an initial few times, but then hold fire in-between shots in an attempt not to kill them.

If there are too many enemies, you can use Terminus to thin the crowd a little. But if any become vulnerable, slaughter them immediately.

Slaughter Mastery I fight in metal hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

For Slaughter Mastery, try not to use any ultimate that would cause damage, you would only be needlessly killing, wasting time and potentially costing you the run. Paz’s one may be a good one to use as it doesn’t hurt enemies, you must be careful not to strike a crystallized enemy on-beat, as every crystallized enemy will then shatter.

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You will scarcely be short for health in this torment, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless. Keep a distance to be able to control how many shots you pump into each enemy to try make as many as you can vulnerable.

Slaughter Mastery I results in metal hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

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