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Every enemy and how to avoid in Roblox DOORS

You won't be alone in those long hallways. Here's a list of your company.
room three in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

DOORS, BY LSPLASH, is a unique horror game involving a lot of doors, and a lot of entities. If you want to even think about surviving the harrowed hallways, you’d better get familiar with all the entities waiting to meet you. Here are all the enemies and how to avoid them in DOORS.

All entities in DOORS


The easiest entity to avoid is Hide, however, it may be the most problematic. If you spend too much time hiding in closets, you’ll notice that your vision will start to red redder, and your peripherals will fade. This is Hide slowly closing in to kill you.

Hide in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

If this happens, you only have seconds to escape the hiding place. You can immediately go back in, however.

If you stay there too long, you will immediately die.


Rush is a frequent entity that you will soon become familiar with. The lights will flicker, indicating its presence. As soon as the light flicker, immediately find a hiding place.

Rush in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

Rush will zoom through the room, killing anyone not hiding instantly. All the lights will blow out, and the door will open. A horrific sound will play, forewarning its imminent presence.


Ambush is very similar to Rush, however much more dangerous. Again, the lights will flicker and you must hide. However, Ambush is faster than Rush, and will run through the rooms more than once. 2 – 6 times Ambush will race back and forth, slaughtering all instantly who are not hiding.

hiding in closet in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

To avoid Hide from killing you whilst in hiding, you must get out of cover once Ambush passes only to get right back in cover. The lights will blow out, but the door will not unlock.


Halt is a very challenging entity, only focused players will survive. The lights will flicker for a very long time, warning you that Halt is in the next room. Upon opening the next door, you will be transported to another room. Halt will spawn behind or in front of you and start moving towards you.

Halt in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

If it spawns in front of you, turn around and run away. If you can’t immediately see it, start moving forwards as it is behind you.

You must make it to the other end of the hallway to survive and be spawned back to the next room. However, sometimes your vision will fuzz, telling you to turn around. This is because Halt is now teleporting in front of you, and you must turn around and run away. This will repeat numerous times, with both of you getting faster and faster.

If Halt catches you, you will die instantly.

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Eyes will not spring up often, but it can be incredibly damaging. When you open a door, a purple light will shine in a spot, warning of its arrival. As soon as Eyes spawn, you will be damaged for each tick you look at it.

Eyes in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

You simply must look away and manoeuver around it. When you unlock the door, it will disperse.


During multiplayer games, Glitch may pay you a visit. If you stray too far from the group, then Glitch will damage you before teleporting you to the furthest unlocked room. How polite.


If you walk into a dark room, you might be joined by Screech. Screech is a tiny entity that will stalk you in the darkness, so you’d better have a light source at hand to reveal it before it gets too close, making it run away.

Dark room in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

You may hear a ‘psst!’ whisper, indicating that it is too late to spot Screech as it jumpscares you, dealing moderate damage.

Screech will not always spawn in a dark room.


Seek is the secondary antagonist that will chase the player twice throughout the game. The first chase will begin from doors 30-40, and the second chase will begin from doors 80-90. You will know when Seek will spawn due to the pregenerated hallway that you will walk to the end of.

Seek in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

The first chase sequence will have rooms where you must crouch to avoid obstacles, whereas the second sequence will not. You will be chased through numerous rooms before Seek gets locked out of the final room of the sequence, where you will be safe.

The lead up to Seek will have you seeing more and more of Seek’s eyes, which can cause light flickers and will follow your character.

If Seek catches you, you will instantly die.

Your character will run automatically.

WHen you reach the penultimate room, black hand will shoot from windows and chandeliers will fall. You must avoid both, else be damaged or killed instantly.


Figure is the main enemy in DOORS, and is the toughest to beat. It will appear in both room 50 and 100, providing players with a unique challenge. This enemy is blind, although will detect sound such as running, walking, or stepping on debris. Hide is deactivated during Figure’s rooms, so players can hide for as long as they wish.

Figure in DOORS
Image via LSPLASH

Figure, for room 50, will pace around the library. If you are hiding and Figure walks near, then you will need to keep your heartbeat steady by performing the minigame of clicking on-beat with the hearts. If you fail three times, Figure will kill you instantly.

Stay away and creep around, hiding only if necessary.

For room 100, Figure will look around the room for the player before giving up and searching the previous room. Once the circuit breaker puzzle has been completed, Figure will break down the door and chase after the players. So run.

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