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While playing the Era of Conquest, you can choose between legendary kings and leaders of different civilizations. If you are a history nerd like me, you’ll find this very amusing. In our tier list, you will find the strongest heroes in the game, rated by their strengths, abilities, and strong and weak points.

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Era of Conquest Complete Hero Tier List

S Tier Heroes

The S Tier heroes are the best characters in Era of Conquest. They are a must-have for your troops in order to significantly increase the chances of winning battles. S Tier heroes have excellent base statistics. They deal great damage to the enemy troops and are good in matters of handling and healing their allies and giving them a boost to continue fighting.

  • Caesar – A 6-star rarity hero who takes 6 leadership points. His starting ability is Purple Robes. This ability heals 2 units for one time for each round. The amount of healing depends on the forces of the target – the lower they are, the higher the healing effect is. If the healing is affected by Silence, Disarm, Exhaustion, or Stun, Caesar will take a 50 percent risk of removing the negative fame results from the target.
  • Charlemagne6-star rarity hero who takes 6 leadership points. His active ability is Paladin Regiment, which launches 1 tactical attack against a single enemy unit. If the target is controlled, that will increase the probability of casting Active skills in the round. This way, you can easily give a boost to all of your ally units.
  • Alexander the Great – The great conqueror is a 6-star rarity hero who takes 7 leadership points. His active ability is called the Birth of Achilles and brings a 35 percent chance of inflicting Taunt to 3 enemies per round during the first 4 rounds. Taunt causes all selected target skills to target self first. Once activated, it lasts for 1 round. Alexander the Great is arguably one of the most powerful heroes in the game.
  • Saladin – He is a 6-star rarity hero who takes 6 leadership points. Saladin’s starting active ability is Ayyubid Eagle Forces, which basically gains +1 normal attack each round and decreases dealt damage and healing impact by 25 percent. Also, he has a special kind of power in which, for the first 4 rounds, he develops and brings up around 65 percent risk for Batter impact.
  • Emperor Constantine – A S Tier hero in the Era of Conquest. His active ability is called the Varangian Guard, which means he inflicts small danger to the lowering enemy unit at the start of the battle. Later, he Taunts 2 enemy gadgets. Also, the famous Roman emperor increases all of the damage dealt to the enemies when you get closer to the end of the battle. Constantine possesses a very useful ability to restore the healing ability of one of the ally units with the power gained from the dealt damage.

A Tier Heroes

A Tier heroes also have great skills to help you in battles. What separates them from the S Tier is that they are kind of time-consuming. Also, some of these heroes are hard to master, which may be a potential problem if you mostly rely on them on the battlefield. Here is the complete list of all of the A Tier heroes in the Era of Conquest.

  • Cleopatra is a 6-Star A Tier hero. Queen of Egypt’s active ability is called the Domain of Isis. Her role is mainly supportive. She provides several useful things for her troops on the battlefield, such as healing her allies throughout all of the rounds. Also, Cleopatra has the ability to reduce the enemy’s stats for several consecutive rounds.
  • Richard I – Richard I is a 6-Star A Tier hero who costs 7 leadership points. He is an Assault Hero with some excellent attacking stats. After all, what would a list of conquerers be without one of the English kings?
  • Hannibal – He is a 6-Star A Tier hero and costs 7 leadership points. Hannibal launches 1 tactical attack against the unburned units and inflicts Burn and if they are already burned, he deals additional damage. Legendary Carthaginian general who fought battles against the powerful Roman Army.
  • Oda Nobunaga – Oda Nobunaga is a 6-Star A Tier hero who costs 6 leadership points. Has almost identical skills as Hannibal, burning the enemy units and dealing additional damage to them. First Great Unifier of Japan and one of the leading figures of the Sengoku period.
  • Leonidas – he is a 6-Star A Tier hero and costs 7 leadership points. His active skill is called the Battle of Thermopylae. Leonidas possesses impressive Burn skill and that is his main weapon against the enemies. The Spartan king made his place in history by leading 300 of his bravest men against a much larger invading Persian army.
  • Guan Yu – As an Assault Hero, his main power in the game is inflicting increased damage Burn on the enemies. He is one of the heroes in the game from the rich Chinese history. Guan Yu was a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei.
  • Ying Zheng is the healer of his troops, mainly in the second and fifth rounds. He was the first emperor of unified China. Ying Zheng was also the founder of the Qin Dynasty, which lasted for only 15 years but was one of the most important dynasties in Chinese history.
  • Harald Farihai is of great use if you manage to hurt the enemy’s Commander, as he then implies multiple attacks on him, as well as multiple heals to his allies who are attacking the Commander. One of the two Viking leaders in the game. He was the first king of Norway.
  • Toussaint Louverture is the Main Damager hero. His main skill is the Assaults, and he buffs the stats of other commanders. Historically, Toussaint Louverture was a Haitian general and the most prominent leader of the Haitian Revolution.
  • El Cid is a hero with a formidable Burn skill. He inflicts both this skill and the increased damage on burned enemies. He was a Castillian knight and a ruler in medieval Spain.
  • Hermann is a hero with a supportive role. He is capable of inflicting Taunt in every round but also deals damage on the enemies and slightly heals his allies. Chieftan of the Cherusci who unified the Germanic tribes against the Romans.
  • Joan of Arc is the leader of the French civilization in the Era of Conquest. She also has a supportive role in the battle. Historically, she was one of the main figures in the siege of Orleans and is one of the great heroes in French history. Today, Joan of Arc is celebrated as a patron saint of France.
  • Ragnar Lodbrok is an Assault hero. In the battle, he deals 1 extra attack if they have Forces rate higher than 50 percent. Legendary Viking leader who led his people to England for the first time in their history and led the siege of Paris.
  • Baybars is another Assault hero on this tier list. He deals extra attacks against 2 enemy units. He was the Sultan of Egypt who defeated the Crusaders in three campaigns.

B Tier Heroes

They are definitely not the best choice if you want to secure victory on the battlefield, but you have to start from somewhere, right? B Tiers are average heroes but can be very helpful in the novice stage, so don’t underestimate them.

  • Queen Seondeok is a supportive hero. With her Commands skill, she reduces the received damage to her troops and also has 1 turn of Immunity. Her skill also grants Composure when another hero casts his skill against the queen. Historically, Seondeok was the queen of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.
  • Empress Theodora is a useful asset as she inflicts significant Burn damage on the enemies. In addition to that, once she burns them, the empress inflicts even more damage to them. Theodora was a Byzantine empress and wife of Emperor Justinian.
  • Mary Tudor has a good Burn skill, which inflicts damage for 2 rounds. She also inflicts additional damage on burned enemies. If Mary is paired with Guan Yu, the other hero can cast her skill again if the enemy is already on fire. She is known in history as Bloody Mary, best known for her attempt to reverse the English reformation.
  • Li Shimin can be called a controlling hero, as he is great at doing just that to the enemies. He inflicts Silence, and that skill becomes even better with another debuffer. He was the second Emperor of the Tang dynasty of China and is regarded as the co-founder of the dynasty.
  • Yi Sun-sin is another hero with a controlling role. He inflicts Silence as well as Disarm to his enemies. Historically, Yi Sun-sin was a Korean admiral and a general who was famous for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin War.
  • Boudica is a controller hero who inflicts both Silence and Disarm, but note that she can inflict Disarm on the enemies almost always. She was the queen of the ancient British Iceni tribe and the leader of an unsuccessful uprising against the Roman Empire.
  • Ivan IV is an Assault Hero with similar skills to Baybars. He also inflicts extra attacks against up to 2 enemy units. The Grand Prince of Moscow and all of Russia is a well-known historical figure, famous for his nickname Ivan the Terrible. He was a brutal ruler and the first Russian monarch crowned as Tsar.

C Tier Heroes

We can’t dare to say that heroes from the C Tier list are weak or something like that. But, the fact is that they have significantly fewer abilities than the others and that their focus is mainly on one skill or task, which could prove to be rather annoying.

  • Hojo Tokimune is a hero with a supportive role. He grants STR and increased damage but actually doesn’t do any damage by himself at all. He was the shikken of the Kamakura shogunate and had an important role in defending Japan from the invasion of the Mongols.
  • Scipio is an Assault Hero. He actually inflicts rather low damage, but on the other hand, comes with a low chance of inflicting Silence. In historical terms, Scipio was a Roman general who had a major role in defeating Carthage in the Second Punic War.
  • Pericles is a support hero. His main asset is that he grants STR and increased damage, but the downside is that he doesn’t do damage at all. Legendary Pericles was a politician and a general during the Golden Ages of Athens.
  • Darius the Great is actually not a very useful hero in the Era of Conquest. The only skill he has is to cast Resistant to himself and not on a very high level. He was a Persian ruler who was a great builder and an administrative master.
  • Pachakutiq – His role is mainly supportive. He is a great Healer who also buffs the Commander’s Attribute. Pachakutiq was the Sapa Inca who transformed the Kingdom of Cusco into the famous Inca Empire.
  • Tachibana Ginchiyo is a hero with a supportive role. She increases Dodge to the Commander by 9 percent. She was the leader of the Japanese Tachibana clan during the Sengoku period.

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