Enshrouded Mods: Are There Any?

Can you mod Enshrouded yet?
Enshrouded mods
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Enshrouded started picking up the pace really fast, as it seems that millions of players across the world absolutely love these open-world games like Palworld, Zelda, and Pokemon. And with the popularity of the game comes the modding community.

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Personally, I don’t mod many games, but I have to admit that adding them is something that a mass of players loves doing, and I kinda understand why. Adding a simple feature that the main game is missing or giving people the ability to play sandbox mode/god mode in a game sounds totally cool.

But, when games are in their early days, plenty of people are interested in whether they will get mods and, if so, when that will happen. Keep reading and find out how Enshrouded will deal with mods.

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Will There Be Mods for Enshrouded?

Enshrouded currently has about a dozen mods, but most of them are just reshading the game, giving it a more realistic look. That is not without reason, however.

As mentioned by the developers, the game doesn’t support any mod kit or modding tool, even though they don’t have anything against modding itself. It simply isn’t their priority at the moment. As we can see with the existing mods, the lack of modding tools doesn’t have to mean no mods, but it does make the situation harder for all those enthusiasts in the modding community.

Enshrouded is created on the company’s own game engine, so the usual modding kits that are used for Unity or Unreal Engine won’t work. The only solution would be for them to create their own tool for modding, and I’m guessing that isn’t the priority.

In the end, this doesn’t have to mean no mods forever for Enshrouded, but we probably shouldn’t expect them any time soon.

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