Ender leaves the LEC, looks forward to LCS and Valorant

Christy ‘Ender’ Frierson announced his departure from the LEC and is looking to move back to his home in Los Angeles. The 23-year old has cast hundreds of games for the LEC starting in 2018. Ender has declared that he is not done with League of Legends and that he would be seeking opportunities to create content around the NA scene, including looking into the LCS. He has also expressed interest in casting for the VCT, citing Valorant’s recentness as a blank slate.

Here’s a look at the goodbye video:

Ender is well known as a color caster, mainly adding satirical or comedic commentary to the cast. In videos produced by the LEC, he is commonly the butt of the joke or bullied awkwardly. Although Ender is leaving the LEC, he also comments on the great relationships that he has built and calls the transition ‘bittersweet’. Being one of the few English color casters employed by Riot, Ender will be a boon to whichever scene he chooses to forage onto next.