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Dwarf Fortress Mason Guide

Everything about Masons.
Gameplay screenshot from Dwarf Fortress
Image via Bay 12 Games

Building is an enormous part of the Dwarf Fortress game. It has many applications, but the exciting part about constructing structures is the processes and resources used. The game features different types of labors depending on the type of construction.

Masons are one of the few skilled workers in the game. They are skilled labors who are good at masonry work including stonework and constructing architectural buildings. We will discuss more about Mason in this guide.

Dwarf Fortress Mason Guide

Masons excel at making furniture, stonework, and building other structures which require a greater degree of skill. They are highly sought after because of their expertise in utilizing stone as the basic material for building most structures.

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Players need to train Masons to become skilled workers. To train them, assign them to construct blocks. Since blocks have no quality, it is easier for Masons and trains them for complicated work. Masons will work in their own workshop using stone and creating objects like statues, furniture, querns, slabs, and millstones.

It is best to build a Mason’s workshop in an area having an abundance of stone. These workshops are cheap, so players can build the workshop to extract the stone, and later dismantle it.

There is a common trend of using skilled Masons in the workshops, and the non-skilled ones for the construction of structures.

That’s everything you need to know about Masons in the game.

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