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Dominus Lifting Simulator Codes (January 2022)

Earn free coins, strength and pets by using the latest Dominus Lifting Simulator codes.
Dominus Lifting Simulator Codes

Dominus Lifting Simulator is an experience developed by xuefei123 for the Roblox platform. Dominus Lifting Simulator is a clicker game complete with pets, quests, and PVP combat. Click to lift your Domini and gain strength, then collect coins around the map. Become the ultimate Domini master. To help you get started we have collected all of the latest Dominus Lifting Simulator codes below.

Dominus Lifting Simulator codes are an easy way to gain strength, coins, and even pets. Use coins to buy more powerful pets and use your strength to get rebirths. Make sure to use codes as soon as they are released since they can expire at any moment. Bookmark this page so you can check back regularly for new codes.

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Dominus Lifting Simulator codes

Here are the latest Dominus Lifting Simulator codes:

  • WINTER – 10k Strength, Rainbow Dominus
  • HYPE – 2k Strength, Rusty
  • PET – 50k Coins
  • Super – 200k Strength
  • epic – 25k Strength
  • levels – 5k Coins
  • pets – 1k Coins
  • spark – 5k Coins
  • rich – 25k Strength
  • dog – Dog Pet
  • cat – Cat Pet
  • fire – 30k Strength
  • strength – 500 Strength
  • dominus – 1k Strength
  • hype – 5k Strength
  • fight – 10k Strength
  • free -10k Strength
  • insane – 50k Strength
  • lifting – 1.5k Strength

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How to redeem codes for Dominus Lifting Simulator

To redeem codes for Dominus Lifting Simulator, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Dominus Lifting Simulator in Roblox.
  2. Find and tap on the the twitter icon.
  3. Enter a working code into the code redemption box.
  4. Hit Enter to redeem the code.
  5. Enjoy your free in-game rewards.
Dominus Lifting Simulator Redeem Codes

How to get more codes for Dominus Lifting Simulator

This page will be updated regularly with new codes but you can also follow the developer’s Twitter and Discord communities. Please make sure to follow their community guidelines. Don’t forget that you can hit CTRL+D to bookmark this page so you can check back easily for new updates.

Dominus Lifting Simulator Game Description

Welcome to Dominus Lifting Simulator! 🔥

Lift the Domini of your dreams to get strong! 💪
Enter the combat zone and face off with your friends!

Try and become the strongest and compete on the global leaderboards!

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