Does Thermal Scope Have Glint in Warzone?

Glint was simple back in the MW days. If a scope had a certain level of magnification, it had a glint, simple as that. These days, though, the issue is slightly more complicated, with scope glint being treated on a more individual basis. 

This begs the question of whether or not thermal scopes have a glint in Warzone. Being a thermal user myself, I feel like I have a thought or two to share on this topic. 

Is There Glint on Thermal Scopes in Warzone?

Yup. Aim down sights with that thermal, and everyone on the map is going to start firing in your direction instantly. That’s an exaggeration, obviously, but it does feel like that sometimes. 

Anyways, yes, thermal scopes do have glint, as does the majority (but not all) of sniper scopes. 

This is a balancing issue, and I get that, but I wish that it wasn’t the case. It might just be my thermal bias showing, but we’re already at a disadvantage by preferring to use this scope type. 

Sure, there are pros to using thermal, hence why I run it, but it’s easy to hard counter. Something that can’t be done for a traditional scope. 

This isn’t about to change any time soon, though, so be careful anytime you decide to ADS to get a feel for your surroundings with thermal.