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Did They Fix the Invisible Glitch in Warzone?

Did They Fix the Invisible Glitch in Warzone?

I don’t think it’d be hyperbolic to say that the moment some military scientist figures out how to turn soldiers invisible, the face of modern warfare will change forever. If the recently discovered invisibility glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone is any indication, making dudes invisible tilts the balance of power rather drastically. So now, I’m sure you’re wondering, did they fix the invisible glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone?

“Why is the floor shooting me?!”

First, some context for the uninformed: a few days ago, reports began flooding the Warzone subreddit about bullets flying out of nowhere right into peoples’ heads. It quickly came to light that some players had figured out how to make themselves invisible, and were using this newfound ability to, what else, dominate the battlefield.

As it turns out, this is a product of a very particular glitch, caused by a player being in the minigun seat of an attack helicopter while said helicopter crashes. The player that was using the minigun will find themselves completely invisible to other players, as well as immune to gunfire, though they can still be killed by vehicles, gas weapons, and being blown up. 

It’s a nasty problem, one that requires an immediate solution on Activision and Raven’s parts, lest Warzone become overrun with Invisible Man wannabes. So, to answer the original question, did they fix the invisible glitch in Warzone? Well, yes, but also no.

Did They Fix the Invisible Glitch in Warzone?

Neither Activision nor Raven have publicly commented on the matter as of writing, but yesterday the game was updated with a notable change: attack helicopters have been removed entirely. Presumably, this a stopgap fix to keep people from abusing the glitch while the devs try to figure out how to fix it for real, though as to when we’ll actually get the choppers back, I couldn’t tell you.

For the time being, if you want to attack from the sky, try, I dunno, jumping off a roof or something. And if you want to be invisible, well, stop wanting that.

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