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When will DELTARUNE Chapter 3 Come Out?

When will DELTARUNE Chapter 3 Come Out?

Chapter 2 of DELTARUNE has, somewhat unsurprisingly, taken the world by storm just like its predecessors. Forums and social media are alight with discussions of future possibilities, in-jokes about chicken nuggets and potassium, and oodles of fanart, a lot of which has been of Spamton and Tasque Manager for reasons I choose not to dwell on. With everyone whipped into such a frenzy, the obvious question has already taken its place on every lip: when will DELTARUNE Chapter 3 come out?

When will DELTARUNE Chapter 3 Come Out?

We don’t have an exact timeframe for the DELTARUNE Chapter 3 release date. It hasn’t even been a month since Chapter 2 came out, after all. That said, there are a few things we can hypothesize on. Firstly, back in 2020, Toby Fox mentioned that the additional experience he and his team have gained from putting Chapter 2 together have taught them a lot about expediting and optimizing their development process. As such, he’s fairly confident that making more chapters will be an easier, faster endeavor.

On the flip side, though, Fox has also clarified that Chapter 3 won’t be releasing on its own, even after it’s finished. Instead, it’ll be released as a bulk update alongside Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. These three chapters are apparently where the lion’s share of the overall game’s development will be taking place, and it’ll be a lot of work to get all three of them up to even the standard of Chapter 2, to say nothing of beyond it. This big update will also be the point at which Fox starts charging money for DELTARUNE, so he wants to make sure it’s worth his asking price (whatever that ends up being). 

Basically, this is what needs to happen before Chapter 3 is released:

  1. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 need to be finished
  2. A price needs to be decided
  3. Additional development post-Chapter 5 needs to be mapped out

So even if the development process has been expedited, releasing three chapters of Chapter 2’s caliber at least will likely be a lengthy task. Chances are good we probably won’t see any more major updates for another couple of years at the bare minimum. 

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