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How to Activate the Snowgrave Route in DELTARUNE Chapter 2

Learn how to activate the Snowgrave Route in DELTARUNE Chapter 2.
How to Activate the Snowgrave Route in DELTARUNE Chapter 2
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I never played UNDERTALE’s Genocide route, because like… why would I? I liked those characters, I didn’t wanna kill them. I worked for my happy ending. But UNDERTALE, and by extension DELTARUNE, are games all about the choices we make and how they ultimately make us. The first chapter of DELTARUNE may have led you to believe your choices don’t matter, but as it turns out, that’s only half-true. The choices you make for Kris don’t matter much. It’s the choices you make for those around them that matter so, so much. On that note, here’s how to activate the “Snowgrave” route in DELTARUNE Chapter 2. Buckle up, folks, this is about to get dark.

Before we go into detail, here’s a quick step-by-step for easy sociopathy before dinnertime.

How to Activate the Snowgrave Route in DELTARUNE Chapter 2

To activate the Snowgrave Route in DELTARUNE Chapter 2:

  1. Follow the story normally until Noelle joins the party.
  2. Backtrack all the way to the Trash Zone and get into every possible enemy encounter.
  3. In every encounter, use Noelle’s IceShock spell to freeze every enemy.
  4. Talk to the NPC in the room with the large ferris wheel poster and say “we’re something else.” When they offer the Freeze Ring, keep saying “Get it” until you obtain it. Equip the ring to Noelle.
  5. All enemies must be frozen up to this point. Go to the room with the long roads and interact with the dumpster at the bottom left to check how many remain. Prior to the second mouse puzzle, you should be at 4.
  6. At the second mouse puzzle, repeatedly say “Proceed” until Noelle freezes the puzzle.
  7. Keep going until you’ve frozen the last 4 enemies, then return to the dumpster. Spamton will sell you the Thorn Ring.
  8. Progress forward until you reach the fight with Berdly. When presented with dialogue options, select “Proceed.” 
  9. During the fight, repeatedly select “SnowGrave” from Noelle’s magic menu until she casts it. This will officially lock you into the route.

Early on in Chapter 2’s story, Ralsei and Susie will split up with you to take an alternative route. As you proceed on your own, you’ll run into Noelle, on the run from Queen and Berdly. The goal of this route is to both empower Noelle’s ice magic and… coax her into a state where she’s willing to use it. In order to do this, you’ll need to get into a lot of fights.

Backtrack all the way to the Trash Zone, and from there, get into every single enemy encounter between there and the room with the ferris wheel poster in Cyber City. Normally, just using the attack command would cause enemies to run away, but using Noelle’s IceShock spell will freeze them, effectively killing them. You need to freeze every single enemy in every encounter, no exceptions; make sure to check the trash cans, as some have Poppups hidden under them.

When you get to the room with the ferris wheel poster, first freeze the enemies that are wandering around. After that, go over to the lone NPC in the room, a pink shopkeeper person. When they ask about Kris and Noelle’s relationship, say “we’re something else.” They’ll offer to sell you the Freeze Ring, but it’ll always cost one more Dark Dollar than you have. Instead of buying it, then, simply tell Noelle “Get it.” She’ll refuse, but just keep telling her and eventually she’ll get it, allowing you to equip it on her. If you’re on the right track, the music should change.

You need to have all enemies frozen up to this point. In order to check, go into the next room with the two large roads. At the bottom left of this room is a dumpster where Spamton is hanging out. Interact with the dumpster, and he’ll tell you how many enemies still need to be frozen, which should be 4 at this point.

Keep progressing, and when you reach the second mouse puzzle, Noelle will ask you about your plan to solve it. Simply tell her “Proceed.” Again, she’ll refuse, but keep repeating it and eventually she’ll freeze the puzzle, doing so again for the third mouse puzzle. Keep freezing enemies as you progress. Once you’ve frozen the last 4, return to Spamton’s dumpster, where he’ll offer to sell you the Thorn Ring for 1997 Dark Dollars (or “Kromer,” as he likes to call it). Buy the ring and equip it on Noelle. 

Keep progressing, and eventually you’ll be confronted by Berdly. When Noelle asks what you should do, tell her once again “Proceed,” and the fight will start. Check Noelle’s magic menu to find a new spell called SnowGrave, which carries a rather concise description: “Fatal.” Normally, this spell costs 200% TP, which is impossible to get, but with the Thorn Ring, it only costs 100%. When your TP is full, tell Noelle to cast SnowGrave.

She’ll refuse, but you need to keep telling her to cast it until she does so. The spell has pretty much the effect you’d expect on Berdly, leaving Noelle in a… bad state, prompting her to run away. You are officially locked into the Snowgrave route at this point, which will include multiple different story beats and an entirely different final boss, as well as changes in some of the interactions in town after the Dark World section concludes. Hope it was worth it, pal.

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