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How to Unlock the Secret Boss in Deltarune Chapter 2

Learn how to unlock the secret boss in Deltarune Chapter 2.
How to Unlock the Secret Boss in Deltarune Chapter 2
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In the first chapter of DELTARUNE, if you gathered all of the hidden keys and took them to the secret dungeon in the castle, you got the opportunity to fight Jevil, the chapter’s secret boss. The Jevil fight was all over YouTube for a few months back then, thanks to its high difficulty and awesome music. Also, Jevil himself became… weirdly popular on Tumblr for a while? But with the release of chapter 2 of DELTARUNE, it’s time for Jevil to step aside and make room for another secret boss, one that has, at time of writing, already become weirdly popular on Tumblr. Here’s how to unlock the secret boss in DELTARUNE chapter 2.

The entire process is a bit… lengthy, so for brevity’s sake, here’s an abridged step-by-step before we go into detail:

How to Unlock the Secret Boss in DELTARUNE Chapter 2

To Unlock the Secret Boss in DELTARUNE Chapter 2:

  1. Recruit the Hacker in Cyber Field by finding the three blue check marks.
  2. Defeat Spamton during the story.
  3. Find Spamton’s shop in the Trash Zone and purchase the Key-Gen.
  4. Follow the Hacker in Queen’s Mansion to locate the secret switch.
  5. Unlock the passage with the Key-Gen, enter the basement, and retrieve the Disk.
  6. Return to Spamton’s shop and upload him into the Disk.
  7. Return to the basement and insert the Disk back where you found it.

Recruit the hacker

Near the beginning of the Library Dark World, you’ll find yourself at a four-way crossroads on Cyber Field. If you go right and up, you’ll find a guy with a huge mouse pointer for a head hanging out on a small platform. This is the Hacker, and he’s willing to work for you, but only if you do him a favor first. He needs three blue checkmarks, all of which are hidden around Cyber Field. 

The first checkmark can be found by going all the way to the right through the bullet sections south of the Hacker. You’ll find a hallway full of Tasques, at the very bottom right of which is a chest containing the first checkmark. The second checkmark is found in the area with three teacup rides. Ride the one in the middle, making sure to rotate and catch all of the up arrows so you reach the top. Open the chest, and there’s your check. The last checkmark is also reached from the teacup rides, this time from the left one. At the top is a lengthy word puzzle that requires you to spell “GIASFELFEBREHBER.” Don’t worry, it’s actually very simple; just follow the path laid out by the letters on the keyboard. Clear the puzzle, and you’ll get your last checkmark. Return to the Hacker, and he’ll agree to help you.

Defeat Spamton and find the shop

Later in the game, while you’re in the car with Queen and Noelle, Queen will ask you to go through an alleyway to push a walk button and clear a traffic jam. In the alley, you’ll be confronted by the bizarre salesman, Spamton G. Spamton. After a quick skirmish, Spamton will request (in his mildly convoluted way) that you come find him in his shop in the Trash Zone. 

When you get to Queen’s Mansion, use the warp door near the cafe to return to the Trash Zone, going to the left. In the leftmost area, there should be a hole in the northern wall, which will lead you to Spamton’s store. Spamton wants a special Disk from the basement of the Mansion, but to get it, you’ll need his Key-Gen to open the door. He’ll sell you the Key-Gen, though the price will randomly fluctuate. Keep an eye on the price, and when it’s at its lowest, press A to buy it. Don’t worry if you mess it up, you can back out and wait for the price to change again.

Locate the secret switch

With the Key-Gen in hand, return to the Mansion. After defeating Tasque Manager, there’ll be two paths forward: a staircase and a traffic crossing. Use the various crossing buttons along the road to navigate the crossing and enter the room to the right. The Hacker will be here surveying the room’s various knick-knacks in search of a secret switch. Keep an eye on him as he paces back and forth, as when he’s right in front of the switch, his head will briefly turn into a finger cursor. Interact with the item he points to to open the secret door to the path to the basement, plus a shortcut back to the main hall of the Mansion.

Unlock the passage

Use the Key-Gen to open the way and enter the basement. The path to the right you need to take is blocked by a barrier, so go left instead. Avoid the pointy plug things as you walk down the hallway to the leftmost room. This room will have a teacup ride for you to ride down, and at the bottom is a switch that deactivates the barrier. As you ride the teacup back up, rotating hazards will appear, so spin the ride along with them to keep Kris alive. Back at the top, return to the basement entrance and take the right path. Follow the tracks to the end and enter the eastern room, inside which is a derelict robot. Interact with the robot to retrieve the Disk.

Return to the shop

Return to Spamton’s Shop in the Trash Zone, and he’ll request to be uploaded into the Disk. Bear in mind, Spamton’s Shop will close permanently if you do this, so if there’s anything you want to buy from him, do it now. Once you’ve uploaded Spamton into the Disk, return to the Mansion basement and re-insert the Disk into the robot where you found it. Hope you’ve got some healing items stocked up, because Spamton’s got a new body, and he won’t be shy about using it on you.

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