What Carries over from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 in DELTARUNE?
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What Carries over from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 in DELTARUNE?

What Carries over from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 in DELTARUNE?

The official FAQ that was released prior to DELTARUNE Chapter 2’s release said Chapter 1 save data wasn’t required to play it. That said, if I’ve learned anything about Toby Fox, it’s to never take anything he says at face value, which is why I ran through Chapter 1 again the day before just to ensure I had properly-completed save data. As I figured, while you can play Chapter 2 without having Chapter 1 data, having that data will make your experience more complete. Here’s what carries over from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 in DELTARUNE.

Bear in mind that in order for your Chapter 2 save to piggyback off a Chapter 1 save, you need to have seen the credits in Chapter 1 at least once. Beyond that, whatever the state of your game was when you used a save point will reflect how things are in Chapter 2.

What Carries over from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 in DELTARUNE?

Here’s what carries over from DELTARUNE Chapter 1 to Chapter 2:

  1. Dark Dollars
  2. Inventory
  3. Weapons and Armor
  4. Key Items
  5. Recruits
  6. Interaction Data

Whatever you had in your various inventories at the end of Chapter 1 will be present in the same slots when you start Chapter 2. This includes your money, any items in your inventory, and both your equipped and unequipped weapons and armor. This is actually important for some items like the Glowshard, which you could obtain in Chapter 1. It was just a sellable item back then, but if you still have it in Chapter 2, its sell value has increased, and will apparently continue to increase if you hold it through future chapters.

Speaking of important stuff, your key items will naturally carry over as well, though this is especially vital if you fought Jevil in Chapter 1. Defeating Jevil gets you a Shadow Crystal, which you can give to Seam the shopkeeper in Chapter 2. This is all part of the secret boss sidequest line that includes Jevil and Spamton NEO.

If you went for a pacifistic playstyle in the first chapter, every enemy you spared will show up in your castle town in Chapter 2 as a new recruit. It’s not immediately apparent yet what this mechanic will mean in later chapters, but since you get recruits from Chapter 2 as well, it’s probably important.

Finally, though this isn’t as vital as the other stuff, the game will remember certain character interactions from Chapter 1 and make subtle changes to the dialogue in Chapter 2 based on them. For example, if you threw away the manual Ralsei gave you in Chapter 1, he’ll comment on it when you check the manual stand in Kris’ room in Chapter 2. Of course, knowing Toby Fox, don’t be surprised if someone chews you out for some seemingly innocuous action a few chapters from now.

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