Cyberpunk 2077 Setting Helps Content Creators Avoid Copyright Strikes
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Cyberpunk 2077 Setting Helps Content Creators Avoid Copyright Strikes

Cyberpunk 2077 Setting Helps Content Creators Avoid Copyright Strikes

There’s been a big DMCA crackdown across streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube over the past few months. Several content creators are receiving copyright strikes and seeing their old videos pulled down or demonetized due to, sometimes unknowingly, including copyrighted music or sounds. Cyberpunk 2077 offers a solution to this unfortunate trend, with a mode designed to protect content creators.

The innovative new Cyberpunk 2077 setting disables and sometimes replaces entire tracks that could cause your streams or videos to get flagged for DMCA. This setting is on by default for console players, but you can toggle it on and off from the settings. PC players can head into the in-game options to turn it on and off at will.

A video game’s sounds are almost as important as the visuals, as Paul Leonard Morgan, a composer at CD Projekt for Cyberpunk 2077, puts it. In a new behind the scenes video, we get a better look at how the team approaches the music and sound for their upcoming title.

“It actually took us a long time to find the right color of the music,” says P.T. Adamczyk, a composer at CD Projekt Red. The game’s sounds involve heavy use of electronic synthesizers, giving it that retro 80s vibe that fits perfectly with Night City. There’s over seven and a half hours of music in Cyberpunk 2077, individually tailored to each quest for a more immersive feel.

Cyberpunk 2077 includes over 150 different tracks across various genres. Tracks feature dozens of artists like Grimes, Gazelle Twin, Rat Boy, Run the Jewels, and many more. A special six-track Cyberpunk 2077 EP is available at the end of the latest Night City Wire: Episode 5, which you can find here:

The latest Night City Wire also touches on some behind the scenes footage with Keanu Reeves, dev insights about making authentic-looking characters, and new gameplay footage.

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