Combat Rift codes

Combat Rift codes – free gems and coins (June 2024)

Combat Rift is an RPG game from developer Crafty Savage on the Roblox platform. Players fight their way through monsters, leveling up and discovering new worlds along the way. You may also uncover powerful items such as rare swords. Sell skulls to acquire coins from the chest, and hatch pets with gems from killing monsters. We have a complete list of working Combat Rifts codes you can use to get some free gems and coins, along with bonus attack speed and health and other in-game goodies.

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Combat Rift codes

  • JULYEVENT – 3x Damage for 20 Minutes (New)
  • APOLOGIES – 3x Firework boost for 10 Minutes (New)
  • LimitedRewardsOP – 3x Coins for 5 minutes
  • AlchemyEvent – 3x Skulls for 5 minutes
  • EXTINCTION – 2x Luck Boost
  • COMINGSOON – 3x Skulls
  • WeekendEvent – 3x Coins Boost
  • FutureZone – 2x Luck Boost
  • AuraStats – 3x Damage for 20 Minutes
  • TwitterSecret – Redeem for Reward
  • truewarrior – 1 hour of all boosts
  • MEGACODE – 1 hour of all boosts
  • NewDungeon – 3x Coin Boost for 10 Minutes
  • LuckyBoost – 2x Luck Boost for 10 Minutes
  • FreeBoost – Free boost.
  • Update12 – Free boost.
  • Update11 – Free boost.
  • Update10 – Free boost.
  • NinjaBoss – 3x Coin Boost for 5 minutes.
  • NinjaCaves – 3x Coin Boost for 5 minutes.
  • S3CRET – 50 Eternals.
  • 10Mplayz – Free boost.
  • CR4LIFE – Free boost.
  • COMBATRIFT – Free boost.
  • 10MBoost – Auto-Sell boost.
  • ExtraSwordStorage – 10 Sword Storage slots.
  • ExtraPetStorage – 10 Pet Storage slots.
  • PotionHype – 200 Eternals.
  • Update6 – 3x Coins.
  • DUNGEON – 70 Eternals.
  • TwitterHype – 3x Damage.
  • Update5 – 2x Health.
  • AuraHype – 3x Damage.
  • 2.5MVisits – Lucky Chances.
  • 20KLIKES – Coin boost.
  • 10KLIKES – Coin boost.
  • 5KLIKES – Coin boost.
  • Update4 – Damage boost.
  • Update3 – Damage boost.
  • Update2 – 200 Gems.
  • TWITTERCODE – Health and attack speed 2x.
  • 2.5KLIKES – 3x Damage & 3x Coins.
  • RELEASE – 100 Coins and 20 Gems.

These are all the active codes for Combat Rift at the moment. The developers will release new codes at their discretion. Make sure to use them as soon as you see them added to our list because they will expire after some time.

How do you redeem codes in Combat Rift?

Redeeming codes in Combat Rift is an easy process. Launch the game and load it up on your device. On the screen’s right side, you should see a codes button with a Twitter icon. Tap on that to bring up the codes window. Type your code in there, and then tap on the green Redeem button to claim your reward.

Combat Rift was updated on April 30, 2021, with the following updates and fixes:

  • Hitboxes Improved
  • Best Sword and Pets in Weekly Leaderboard Rewards
  • KOTH & Soul Trader fixed and buffed
  • Performance modes added
  • Trading fixed for mobile and tablet

You can follow the developer Crafty Savage in their Roblox Group or following LordWasteds on Twitter for more up-to-date news about the game. Feel free to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard.

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