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Can You Use Fast Travel in Mineko’s Night Market?

The only way to travel is fast!
Waiting at a Bus Stop in Mineko's Night Market
Image via Meowza Games/Humble Games

Mineko’s Night Market is the latest cat-themed game set to hit the shelves in late 2022, and fans couldn’t be more excited about it! Not only is this game filled to the brim with cats, but it’s also got mysterious gods, unexpectedly faraway lands, and magic everywhere you look! You honestly wouldn’t expect a game like Mineko’s Night Market to have as much to explore as it does; this game has an unexpectedly massive map that would truly take days of playing to explore every nook and cranny.

Big maps in games are great, but having to traverse through them every single time you play can get tedious. Usually, games solve this issue by adding a convenient fast travel feature, so you don’t have to run a marathon every time you need to complete a quest. Use this helpful guide to figure out if there’s going to be fast travel in Mineko’s Night Market!

Is There Fast Travel in Mineko’s Night Market?

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely fast travel in Mineko’s Night Market! In a small presskit created and released by Meowza Games, there is a screenshot of a character (presumably Mineko) holding up a map. On the bottom left-hand corner of this map, there is a clickable button that, presumably, allows you to fast travel all over the map (I mean, it literally says “Fast Travel”. What else could it be for?).

Fast Travel Map in Mineko's Night Market
Image via Meowza Games/Humble Games

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Just because you’re able to fast travel in Mineko’s Night Market doesn’t mean you’ll be able to immediately, however. In many games, the fast travel feature is often something you have to earn or unlock first before you’re able to utilize it.

Or, even if you can use it immediately in the game, you’ll have to unlock every surrounding area in the game first (on foot, usually) to be able to fast travel to it. Even if this is the case with Mineko’s Night Market, however, this feature is still greatly appreciated and awesome to have! No one likes having to trek all the way back across the map; it’s impossible not to appreciate this minor feature with mega rewards!

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