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Can You Save Anne in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is There a Cure?

Hogwarts Legacy may be whimsical and fun as a role-playing game for wizards and witches, but it isn’t long before darkness starts to seep through as the game delves into more mature and serious matters. At the heart of the game’s darkest and most emotional story is companion Sebastian and his sister Anne. Can you save Anne from her curse in the game? Read on to find out but be aware of spoilers.

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Can You Save Anne in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sebastian becomes something of a tragic character within the game, trying to save his sister Anne from a curse. He begins to look into the Dark Arts (which eventually leads to Unforgivable Curses) and is also hopeful that ancient magic may provide the cure he seeks.

He also turns to hate goblins after believing Ranrook and his followers cursed his sister (who is in poor health and unable to attend Hogwarts as a result). But as anyone who has seen a Harry Potter or Star Wars film, you can’t dabble in the Dark Arts without tragic results. Sebastian’s uncle tries to convince his nephew that Anne cannot be saved.

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This leads to a dramatic turn of events where Sebastian ultimately kills his uncle with the Killing Curse. This fractures the siblings forever with Anne turning her back on Sebastian and leaving him to reckon with what he’s done. As a player, you have the option to turn Sebastian in or to forgive him of this crime, which has major story impacts.

But what happens to Anne? While Rookwood later takes credit for cursing her, it would appear that there is no cure for Anne and that she’s doomed to live with her affliction as a result. Unless it later becomes a point of future DLC or a sequel, Anne is still alive but not in the best health as a result.

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