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Can You Ride the Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

Ride Into the Past, or Ride Into the Future ...
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image via The Pokemon Company

In the Pokemon Presents live stream on August 3, we learned more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It’s less than a handful of months from release, and we now know the region we’ll be traversing is called Paldea. But, a number of other interesting tidbits were revealed, among them the fact that we can ride legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon. WE CAN RIDE THEM. THEY ARE BIKES. WE CAN RIDE THEM. LIKE BIKES.

Can We Really Ride Miraidon and Koraidon?

Yes. In a series first, it would seem that the bike has been replaced with a seemingly organic behemoth. In the past, there has been a meme about bikes in the Pokemon games costing a fortune. But, to be honest, this might be the first bike I would willingly spend 1M Pokemon Dollars on.

I mean, sure, there have been games where you can ride on the ‘mons. But never before have you been able to ride on the ‘mons in this specific fashion! I am talking about inviting a friend to play co-op and racing from one end of the map to the other using our respective legendaries. I am so excited.

What is the Story of Scarlet & Violet?

It would appear that, unlike previous games, there are multiple branching pathways. Sure, the option to take a traditional route and travel to eight different gyms is there, there are other stories to select from, and the decision lies entirely with the player.

What New Pokemon Were Revealed?

In the Pokemon Presents Livestream, three new ‘mons were revealed to exist in Paldea. First, a variation on a familiar theme with the Paldean variant of Wooper. Then, we have the absolutely adorable Fidough, whom I will be buying all the pup cups for, and a new whale Pokemon, Cetitan. I can already hear Captain Ahab screaming in abject horror as he looks down at what The Pokemon Company hath wrought.

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For more on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, stick with Gamer Journalist! We’ll be publishing a ton of new content about this new generation as we tiptoe closer and closer to release!!

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