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Can you Play Deep Rock Galactic Solo?

Going solo!
Protagonist playing in an action screenshot from Deep Rock Galactic.
Image via Ghost Ship Games

Ask any gamer if they have had fun while smashing some aliens while teaming up with their besties, they will almost always agree. Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op first-person shooter, which makes it possible.

While the title is popular for offering tremendous fun when playing with your friends, the developers have included solo game modes for the lone wolves out there. Here’s everything you need to know about the title’s solo gameplay.

Playing Deep Rock Galactic Solo

Now that you know about the developers offering solo gameplay in their co-op shooter, let’s see how it feels and what’s best for the solo games.

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Playing the game solo is as great as playing with friends, if not better. It is a little more challenging to do everything on your own, but it’s not a big deal for people who are up for an adventure. Instead of an actual player, you get a bot who will help you with various things.

Solo gameplay is more about experiencing the game in a more detailed way. Appreciating the exceptional visuals and design of the environment. Exploring the caves and fighting the aliens with your own strategies.

Solo Classes for Deep Rock Galactic

While there are other classes to explore, the Scout and Engineer classes really hit the bill.

The Scout class aids you in collecting resources like Gold and Nitra. You can also climb any platform, making secondary objectives a piece of cake. To add to the advantages, Scout has good ammunition. You have access to strong rifles and plasma guns.

The Engineer class enjoys swarms of aliens too much. You can deploy turrets which are extremely useful against huge numbers. The class will also help you travel easily with a platform gun, which creates a path for you.

Both classes are dominant, and each player has their own preference. So they can choose anyone and still enjoy their solo experience.

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