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Can you be Evil or a Villain in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

It was to be expected, right?
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Fire Emblem Engage has released, hot on the heels of the always favourable and beloved Three Houses. However, having been in the works by a separate development team from Three Houses, both titles excel in what the other one lacks. While Engage has a more solid and engaging battle system, its story is its weak-point, unlike Three Houses’s deal. Such an example of this is when tackling this question here, which now feels like a missed opportunity in retrospect.

Fire Emblem Engage – Can you be Evil or a Villain?

Unlike its predecessor, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, that is also exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem Engage is a completely linear game. The only ways in which its story branches is in one moment, being the climax of its story in the very last battle of chapter 26.

It’s pretty simple – defeat Sombron and you will get to see the good ending and post-credits scene play out. Choosing the exact opposite of how things should go – that of allowing Alear to die during the battle and not Rewind Time – will result in its bad ending. This very short scene before getting the Game Over screen shows how Sombron corrupts both Veyle and Alear, forcing them into his army with all of their comrades having been killed off.

This technically does answer our question here, since Alear is then used as a puppet in Sombron’s army, as indicated by their red eyes.

It’s well and truly a missed opportunity when its trailer promoted Alear’s red eyed, corrupted state in it that could have added more stakes to the game by it being implemented into the storyline or mechanics. For example, Alear could have been melded into this state depending on dialogue choices that could have been made throughout the game, or players could have instead actually been able to commit to going down an evil Alear route.

In the end, the simple answer is that players can not play as an evil or villainous Alear.

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