How to Get the Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty Zombies (Season 2)

How to Get the Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty Zombies (Season 2)

Here's everything you need to know about how to get the Ray Gun and Decimator Shield in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Season 2
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Throughout the Call of Duty series, there have been special weapons collectively identified as “Wonder Weapons.” Wonder Weapons, in a nutshell, are any weapons that can’t be considered normal weapons. Some of them are retro sci-fi steampunk styled, some are bizarre improvised weapons, and some are just full-on magic wands. It’s not exactly true to life, but when you’re playing in Zombies mode, that doesn’t matter as much. Here’s how to get the Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Season 2.

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With the beginning of Season 2 of Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies, two Wonder Weapons have been added to the game: the classic laser-launching Ray Gun, and the Decimator Shield, which responds to frontal attacks with explosive rebuttals. Getting these weapons requires luck in the Ray Gun’s case, and perseverance in the Decimator Shield’s case.

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Season 2 Wonder Weapons

How to Get the Ray Gun

Starting with the Ray Gun, unfortunately, the only way to obtain it is by chance. The Ray Gun can be obtained as a loot drop, either from killing elite enemies or smashing crystals. Additionally, there’s a chance a Ray Gun may drop from a Mystery Box. Dump some points in, and if luck shines on you, it’ll spit out a Ray Gun.

How to Get the Decimator Shield

  1. Load into Terra Maledicta and get to Level 3
  2. Interact with the rune near the green fountain
  3. Head through the blue portal and complete the mission
  4. Find and shoot four crystals around the map
  5. Interact with the next rune at the Bazaar
  6. Head through the green portal and complete the mission
  7. Return to Merchant Road and claim the Decimator Shield
Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Season 2 Decimator Shield

To obtain the Decimator Shield, you’ll need to complete a special quest chain in Terra Maledicta, a new map added to Zombies with season 2. You can find the Decimator Shield in Merchant Road, but to actually get it, you’ll need to finish the request first.

At the green Demonic Frenzy fountain, look in the rear of the area to find an interactable rune. This will open a blue portal, within which is a Purge objective. You’ll need to find four big, yellow crystals in the main hub area and blast them all.

With the crystals smashed, find another rune on the ground floor of the Bazaar. Enter the resulting green portal and complete the Sacrifice objective. 

With these two objectives cleared, you can now return to Merchant Road and claim the Decimator Shield. Once you claim the shield for the first time, it’ll also start appearing in Mystery Boxes.

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