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Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles


Call of Duty Warzone is the newest free-to-play Battle Royale game from Activision. Up to 150 players will battle it out on a large map with over 300 points of interest, including some already well-known zones.

If you need some mobility, just hop in one of the five types of vehicles that can be found around the map. Each vehicle has different levels of protection, speed, capacity, and off-roading abilities. Vehicles have health meters and they will blow up along with anyone inside.

Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles


The ATV is a fast two-seated vehicle that provides minimal protection and is great at offroading. This isn’t the fastest mode of transportation, but it’s a convenient choice if you’re playing solos or duos.

Tactical Rover

The Tactical Rover is a fast four-seater with minimal protection. This is the perfect vehicle for quickly moving your team from one location to the next.



The SUV is a medium speed four-seater with good protection. It’s not the fastest vehicle, but it gets the job done and will make sure you don’t get one-shot.


Cargo Truck

The Cargo Truck is great for holding your full squad and all your equipment. It has excellent protection so it can withstand a lot of attack damage. It is, however, the slowest moving vehicle out of the bunch.



This flying four-seater with decent coverage will get you from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible.

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