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Call of Duty Warzone radiation zones turn players into zombies

Call of Duty Warzone radiation zones turn players into zombies

Verdansk has now reached 100% contamination, according to a recent report from Call of Duty. Be on the lookout for radiation zones around Verdansk. You won’t want to die inside of these to radiation unless you’re keen on returning as a zombie. These containment zones appear to cover the Prison and Shipwreck areas on the map, signified by a red marker. Here’s a look at what we know so far about the Call of Duty Warzone radiation zones and other changes in today’s update.

These new updates pave the way for Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Warzone Radiation Zones

The zombies have reached a brand new location, with the tour bus finally reaching the dam. We knew this was coming thanks to a leak earlier this week with an image of a hard hat displaying the words “Verdansk Dam.” The outbreak percentage is officially at 100%. You’ll find various radiation zones on the map, and dying in these zones will bring you back as a zombie. It’s a throwback to the old Haunting in Verdansk Halloween event.

That said, you might encounter a zombie or ten in your battle royale Warzone experience. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you. As a note, you will also find some special Gask Masks that allow you to survive in these zones for some time. These radiation zones appear to be spawning at the Prison and Shipwreck locations for now. We’re guessing more of these zones will pop up in the coming days until they encompass all of Verdansk.

New Weapon: Sykov Pistol

There’s also a brand new weapon available in Warzone today: the Sykov. A dependable fallback in close quarters, this double-action/single-action sidearm comes with a few custom gunsmith mods that make it an outstanding addition to any arsenal.

To unlock the Sykov in Warzone, you’ll need to get four kills with pistols in five different Warzone matches. Fairly straight and easy challenge, but you might want to add a decent pistol to your loadout if you’re trying to unlock it. The pistol is all-around pretty versatile, and utilizing the right attachments could make it a beast.

Game Modes

This week, we’ve also got the Rebirth Resurgence Quads and Duos available, alongside Plunder: Blood Money. 

We also have a bonus XP event beginning tomorrow, April 16, at 10 AM PT through April 19, 10 AM PT. During this time, players will get double XP, double battle pass tier progression, and double weapon XP. 

As a side note, there was a small anti-cheat update, including a new ban wave. It’s the largest ban wave since February. Activision is still actively pursuing action against the cheat provider market, including the resale of accounts. You can read more about this on the official Activision blog.

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